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    Thank you everyone for attending this year's frag swap, and helping make it another successful year Entrance headcount via wristband: 606 Total 2018 Attendance ~550+ (less Vendors, Hobbyist, maybe a couple volunteers: ~50max?) New Member Joined : 78 Wow!! Renewals : 50+ Income Raffle Ticket Sales : $3,895 Entry Fees : $3,274 This doubled Last Year's Total... Membership Drive and Ed Speaker a success! Many thanks to our awesome sponsors for making this year's raffle a reality. Congratulations to all the winners! Please support these companies with your Hobby $'s this year! Finally,... many thanks to you (us), our membership ...for coming out, supporting INDMAS, and being a great community of people!
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    Thought i’d share a close up of one of my chalice corals
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    Use construction adhesive and mount some cleats and a plywood base. FYI IT WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER COME APART AGAIN....
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    Hello everyone! I’m looking for suggestions. about 1/3 of my display is under LED’s that I chose specifically for my little mangrove shoots. I figured I could grow some cool macro algae on this side of the tank and leave the other 2/3 for coral. Then I got thinking, I wonder if anyone has had any luck with coral under weak light? The front has strong flow, the back has low flow. (Don’t mind the hideous power head, my mp10 broke and I’m awaiting replacement) Maybe some mushrooms? Thanks in advance!
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    First off, very cool setup. I really like when people have a different approach to the hobby. I have a low light tank (was originally setup for a mantis but has ended up housing some “misfit” fish), and the only coral I’ve been successful with have been mushrooms. I have lost pulsing xenia, and a few different zoas in that tank, but those are really the only things I’ve tried as far as coral. I noticed that the mushrooms (ricordea, not sure if they’re Florida, Vietnamese, etc) have lost color since being on that tank, but have reproduced much faster and look “fuller”.
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    Those look nice. I seem to be drawn to chalice but recently saw a Dr.Evil favia I’d love to have. I believe from Sexy corals.
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    I have a great announcement to make a great meeting even better. To educate us all in seahorse keeping we will be joined, via Skype, by none other than the Queen of Seahorses herself - Tami Weiss!! Tami is the founder and curator of fusedjaw.com. She is an all around seahorse, pipefish, sea dragon and live foods guru that also was an early admin helping to build seahorse.org. Join us in welcoming Tami and learning from a master!
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    Picked up too many frags between the INDMAS swap and a swap over the weekend in St Louis. Decided to finally make use of this low boy tank I have had in storage. Think it turned out well especially for a behind the scenes frag tank, nothing fancy.
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    Yeah I would like to see a real itemized breakdown of the numbers. Are those entry fees counting membership renewals too or just $5 entries? How much did the speaker cost to bring in etc?
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    What is the total profit?
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    Woohoo! Got my plumbing finished! Well almost, still have to complete the drain line, but anyway here is a picture.
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    The house got a roof last week and windows were delivered today. Hopefully I can install them soon (damn snow!!!!). We are having another child next week and I’m hoping to have all the electrical/plumbing finished this weekend. Then on to HVAC and then I can work on the tank. I bought used 6 metal halide reflectors and 2 ballasts a few weeks back( 4 for the tank and 2 for frag tank). I need to buy 4 more ballasts soon. I also got a nice acrylic frag tank that measures 6’x2’x12” im going to make a big purchase soon of some tunze power heads and a bubble magus b12 skimmer. I’ll post lots of pictures when I start the tank in about 2 weeks
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    Wow, those fish are beautiful!
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    No tank updates just showing off one of my other hobbies. 3d printed switch plate
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    My favorite frag mover.
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    Hi everyone. Hope you all are recovering from the great frag swap and getting everything settled in. This month's meeting will be hosted by PetesFolly and the topic will be Seahorses 101. It will cover the important information you need to know to get started and successfully keep seahorses. The host has a 125g mixed reef that is transitioning to a 220g so you will be able to what goes into preparing for a 220g as well as what it takes to transition a tank of this size! When: April 14th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: 11375 Whitewater Way, Fishers, IN 46037 Spyglass Falls neighborhood. Yes, there is a waterfall at the entrance to the neighborhood What: 2nd Annual NEW MEMBER MEET AND GREET!!! Did you just join INDMAS at the 2018 Frag Swap? Have you never been to a meeting before? Well this is for you! We will have a special raffle for JUST the new members who joined at the frag swap...as well as have a great group of club members here to speak with you about your tank, what we do, and answer any questions that you have along the way. Stop out and see what makes INDMAS the best reefing club around! Education: Seahorses 101 - Ever wanted to dive into a different aquatic species tank, but don't know how? Come check us out! Raffles - Saltcritters donated Magnetic Seahorse Feeder, T-shirt and Frag Plugs Plus.....More on the way! Our Frag Swap coral donation raffle will be given away at this months meeting as well! Stay tuned to see who won!
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    Hey everyone. Thanks again to all the existing and new members that turned out to make the April meeting a great meet and greet! Below is the info for our May meeting, we hope to see you all there again. Kris, OttoReese, will be our host for this month. He has a 93 gallon cube with 2 AI Hydra 26 LEDS and a 30g sump. This is the tank that was won at the 2017 Indmas Frag Swap! When: May 12th 4:00-6:00 PM Where: Irvington , IN (SE corner inside the 465 loop). Address to be provided later. Education: Sump and Refugiums We will be discussing the design, benefits and installation of sumps and refugiums. Our host will also have an opportunity to get hands-on and help install a new refugium for his tank. Raffles - Coming Soon...
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    If you havent added water to the sump I would put "pond liner" inside the stand running it up 2-3 in around the inside of the stand. This will hold water and not damage the wood (I know you sealed the seams with silicone caulk but the pond liner will keep the WOOD from getting wet). my 0.02
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    I’ll have a plus one as well! Sorry for the late notice.
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    My husband and I will attend. Rosy
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    Looks like we will have a great attendance club! This will be a great educational topic once again this year. A big thanks to @waldend to setting this up. Anyone attending is sure to leave with useful knowledge if they already have or plan to keep pipe or ponies. This education is not a suggestion, however, to rush into keeping these sensative creatures afterwards. They are very time consuming to keep and require a lot of care! Please do additional research as well :v) We look forward to meeting all of you new INDMAS members and have some cool items up for grabs this month! See all of you there...
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    I'm glad to be a new member! I plan on attending the meeting. Thank you all so much for what you do!
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    Michigan must have the most swaps of any Midwest state!
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    I'll be there. I have a rehearsal until about 4:30 at the Palladium, so I'll probably be there about 5.
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    New member here I plan on coming with possibility a +1
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    Wet skim is when you have the skimmer level towards the top of the neck of the skimmer and what goes into your collection cup will be more clear and not as gunky. When you dry skim you will want the level of your skimmer more towards the bottom of the neck. You will produce a much more dense liquid in your collection cup (almost like a paste). I'm not sure about all the real benefits of each one is. I know when you go with the wet side you run the risk of your skimmer cup overflowing quite easily and you will have to empty out your cup on a much more frequent basis. If you do the dry skimming you may not be really getting anything out of your tank unless you can really dial it down good. I prefer to go about half way in between dry and wet. So what is going into my collection cup is still dark but not too pasty. If you bought your skimmer brand new you will have to let it break in a bit before you can really dial in the level you want. I would open the gate valve as much as possible and let it sit like that for a day. After that I would slowly close it a little each day and watch the water level inside the skimmer go up and monitor. Once you get it to about the bottom of the neck you can watch it and see how it does there. Check what kind of skimmate goes into your collection cup and see if you are ok with that. If its too liquidly you can lower the level and if its too thick you can raise the level. Hope this helps!
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    I should be able to make it.
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    Looking good. Got an ID on those zoas? And that's a nice frag rack. 3d printed?
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    It seems a little fishy to me. It said xenia was the cause. To be palyotoxin it needs to be palys. Now I know first hand it is not something to mess with. I had it get into my skin from absorption. And it was from a paly. Took about 3 to 4 months to heal and 2 months of antibiotics. Shots,iv and pills.
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    Planning on coming to meet everyone.
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    Love this idea of paring fish. its a tough thing to do, but i think it will be worth it!
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    I actually reviewed the past 3 years of numbers posted to make sure I was bring true to how Amanda communicated before me, and I disagree specifically with the way you have interpreted how this last year was calculated. If you look again at the link, last year she included not only the membership fees from the entrance in the profit, but the $3500 from vendors includes raffle donation value that just went to people winning the items, not directly to the club bottom line. If anything, I am reporting a more conservative valuation this year than last because of that difference. I'm trying to be as transparent as possible, and I believe the clubs books are to be open to any member if the detail posted here is not enough so don't stop asking! However, as the one who raised his hand to volunteer on staff putting in the work and shouldering the financial responsibility ... I'm really bothered by the insinuation that I'm trying to skew the numbers. Do you want to see how much I spent on sausage burritos next, or how much I paid to hit the minimum on the food truck because I didn't hand out enough food vouchers this year? Want to spend a few hours inputting new membership forms for Kyle? Know any cool speakers you could turn Daniel onto for monthly events? As you know, there is A LOT of detail in the planning, budgeting and execution of the swap... I sure learned a lot this year being involved "behind the scenes" and made my share of mistakes but wow, don't accuse me of fluffing the numbers. If you want to engage in a dialogue about how I should better report our financials to the club, or how I am doing compared to Amanda, please do so with a mind towards how you want to run the position of Treasurer after me sir. Respectfully, -Ben
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    Very good question. It is an overflow that I had made by inland aquatics in Terre Haute. The tank is not drilled. I specifically made it to house that equipment. I only have a certain amount of space in my living room so I chose not to do a sump. I did do a lot of research prior to making my decision to go without a sump. The forum posts were endless on this subject. Lol. I also wasn’t sure how to drill and plum a sump. We had also just put down new hardwood floors at the time. I have learned a ton since starting this build and would probably do so on future build. Still happy with the outcome. Thanks for the compliment!
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    Mikayla and I will be there
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    I just got a new membership this year at the frag swap. The reason being, I finally got a good start into this hobby, and even though the tank isn't as big as I like, the people are awesome ! I will be renewing again when the time comes. Adam
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    Looking great! Glad it’s going well so far! Beautiful fish!
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    Just wanted to share some cool pictures I got of a spaghetti worm and asterina star this morning! This is shot on my Pixel 2 XL with a $15 amazon lenses kit!
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    Just finished the stand with my dad, took forever, but in the end it is solid as a rock.
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    Been working on my plumbing ... Got it pretty much done other than cementing it all together... The design was MUCH better than what I was thinking it was going to be... Pretty Simple and straight forward....
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    I measured the width of my sump at 11 3/4 inches... Talking with Luis (Gonzo620) he is going to help me out and cut my baffles for me... Thank you so much Luis I appreciate that a lot... This Saturday I will be heading down to Premium Aquatics and getting my sand and miracle mud and at least 1 Heater... I have one that works just fine and will use 2 as a double redundancy in case one fails... Depending on the cost of all that, and what I have left over I will get a Sicce Power head or 2 and if I don't have the funds to get them and at the time of putting water in I have not gotten them yet... Ryan has graciously offered to loan me one of his spare power heads till I can get my Sicce set. I am in a RUSH to get water in my tank and the Cycle started ASAP to be ready for the March 17th Frag Swap!!! Joining INDMAS has been one of the BEST things I have done... I believe I have gained life-long friends and I am looking fwd to many years of Reef keeping and being able to "Pay It Forward" when the time comes to help someone else like you all have wonderfully helped me out... Again, Thank You to every one for your help and advise and support it means a lot to me...
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    DO NOT JUDGE me for how bad this turned out.. lol... But I got a dremel and cut out this horrid looking square for the overflow... I was laying on my back under the tank and tried to cut it straight, and no I was not wearing goggles (shame on me) I could hardly see what I was doing all the sawdust was every where, especially in my eyes... but once sand and rock are in you wont be able to see it.. hahah... I bought this black plastic mesh stuff at JoAnne Fabrics I want to put this on the baffle that is next the the fuge to hold in the Chaeto/Algae from going into the return chamber and then into my display. I seen this on someone's youtube channel and thought it was pretty neat... have a few cut to size and replace them as needed to make sure water flow is good. You can see in the last pic how it could be done. I think this will keep everything that shouldn't be in the return out... and still big enough for pods to slip past.
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