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    I wanted to get some feedback, thoughts, ideas on starting a Dont Break The Chain idea that the Buckeye Reef club has been doing for a few years now. The post below was borrowed from their original post to explain what it is. "I would like to get a "Don't Break the Chain" going in the Supporter Forums. If anyone is not familiar.....This is a place where you can give a high end frag to a fellow hobbyist for them to grow out. Once this frag has grown and can be fragged again, it is reposted in the forum for the next person to take. The original donor can request a frag back if they have a crash or lose their colony. It's a great way to get really nice frags and pay it forward to the next guy/girl. Plus it keeps your frag babies spread out in case of a crash!"
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    Lets get a great turnout for this. Anyone else going
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    Since there will be plenty of delicious festival food options, and I don’t want to hinder your chance of partaking in the fried glory, I’ll prepare a simple charcuterie board and some drink options. Also, our very friendly dog will be at the meeting as well. Please don’t feed him! 😂 He doesn’t beg and we want to keep that habit strong 💪🏽
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    Well it happened last night. Spent two hours removing frags, fragging off dead heads, and rescaping the tank. Ended up using 4 bottles of super glue gel as well. Lost the Superman shroom and at least one frogspawn. Basically the frogspawn that was showing polyp bailout issues. Might loose another hammer in the next couple days but I figured that would happen. My blue and yellow hammer are still looking great and as long as they are happy I’m happy. The new rock is a piece of caribsea liferock that has been cured in someones tank. I think it looks great. Not as over bearing as the last scape and very little shadowing issues. That was a huge problem for me and something I was trying to avoid with this change. Im excited to see the change and potential this has. My little nano has officially been rebooted. So I hope you stick along to see it’s second growth.
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    I 100% agree with you. UPS’s are nice in theory, but the limited time they’ll actually provide doesn’t do much long term. That’s why I ended up getting the generator instead. The unfortunate part is that surge protectors are really only as good as the price you’re willing to pay for them. If there is a surge large enough to zap the surge protector, it will most likely make it through to your electronics as well. I have a Monster Cable brand surge protector for my tv/surround sound that has been through multiple electric surges and outages, so that’s really the only one I recommend. But it was around the $300 range if I remember correctly, so isn’t a cheap piece of equipment. They guarantee up to a certain amount for your electronics if they get fried, but they won’t warranty aquarium products because of the close proximity to water. I still swear by them though.
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    Like the list. You will need to consider culturing pods for the pipefish. cardinals and mandarin will save you time and money. May also look at baby brine shrimp as well
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    That tank will have hidden access doors on it, so only my hands will go in it
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    Looks like a good stocking list as far as my opinion goes. I absolutely love the assessors, their swimming patterns are strikingly hypnotic to me. Just watching them swim upside down, yet still with perfect precision is really cool. I would reconsider the canary blenny being in a tank that hands can find their way into though. They're known to have a venomous bite and could cause some issues if anyone gets their fingers in the way.
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    My bad on convincing you this is what you need...😁
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    Right now i'm custom just to allow my tank to acclimate to a more powerful light. When that period is over I will probably look at different programs published and go from there.
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    Switched out the Kessil A80 for a AI Prime recently. Felt I needed a bit more power as some of my corals were stretching. For reference my old Kessil was at 100% intensity 4-6 inches off the water surface. The new prime is 8-10 inches off the surface at 40% and the corals have stopped stretching. So something is working. 🤷‍♂️
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    Sorry slight glare on pics
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    Happy swim day, 9 years with us.
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    I ll be able to make it now... 🙂
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    I hope I don’t work too late, but I plan on attending.
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    I plan to attend! Open to carpooling ideas as well.
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    That looks great! Jenn and I planning on going to the meeting but will likely miss the parade...
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    Here’s where I am now, I still have quite a bit to go!
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    On another note, the festival (called Lazy Days) has a parade at 1:00. I’m working on the Gosport Aquarium float and I’d be glad to give out some Gosport Aquarium T-Shirts in exchange for able-bodies to walk alongside the float! The parade route runs down Main Street from 9th Street to 3rd Street. Meet at the aquarium at noon for t-shirts! For the float, I got these screens from my friend who got them at an auction. They’re gold leaf and the person who painted them initially used the wrong kind of paint (came off with water in spots) and sketched everything out with sharpie (can be hard to cover). I’m working on covering the old stuff and painting a more ‘Gosport Aquarium’ scene on them- keeping as much gold visible as possible. They’ll be back-to back on our trusty little trailer.
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    First 1 is a forest fire digi. Pic 2 is up in the air. I have no idea. But if you’re twisting my arm and I had to guess I’d say maybe a PC rainbow.
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    Amber and I are planning to attend. Is there anything else you can think of that you may need to get another tank or two up and running?
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    We will plan to attend. I may also have an extra 40g breeder and a few other tanks laying around
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    This is the tank that started it all- my 22 gallon rimless peninsula display with a 10 gallon refugium. ❤️ It’s about 2 years old with LEDs, MP10, and an algae scrubber as the main hardware. Currently, I have one naked clownfish (David Pumpkins) and one Pajama Cardinalfish (Gary). There’s an unnamed clown in the refugium temporarily, but she’ll be moved soon. I especially love my leather corals lately, but they may be tied with the zoanthids as my fave coral in the tank. Of course, my bubble tip anemone gets a lot of my attention because it’s my first anemone and I’m still worried it’s going to go nuclear any day. But it’s been in there for a few months and has just been happy as a clam 🤷🏽‍♀️ If anyone needs chaeto at the meeting, I’ll be more than happy to share.
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    I just bought a Maxspect Gyre XF350 Standard Unit Package. I have not installed it yet, but from my research it is supposedly quieter than the Icecaps. But you gotta get the new 300 series. The new 300 series are quieter and easier to clean.
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    I renew because I love helping a local group and honestly I am almost always stuck alone with my two babies so I am useless with meets it’s a way I can contribute.
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    I renewed because I want to support my local reefing club. I’ve also made new friends and would love to meet more members in the future.
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