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    The News we have all been waiting for.... The Grand Prize for the 2018 INDMAS frag swap is the C-VUE 40 gallon aquarium with the C-Ray 200 light by Cobalt Aquatics
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    It depends. For ones where you see a progression of the amount of white let's say then yes that's typically the way. But a lot of these designers are by mixing various strains or even species. For example, the long fins were a naturally occurring 1 in a million fish that they then mated with another fish for production, maybe a sibling but maybe not. The point being it wasn't a line bred situation that I typically refer to as a "strain". This convo has sparked my interest. I am going to ask some people about it to see what they say. I will let you know.
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    Here are some pics of my 35 cube. Nothing spectacular in my opinion, but thought i’d share. Guess my pics are too large as i could only add two
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    Tell your friends that INDMAS is doing a membership drive at Central Indy Aquatics today until 4 pm. If you need to renew your membership, get a new membership card, or would like to sign up to become a paid member, please come out and see us. We have refreshments as well as a special INDMAS member sale at Central Indy Aquatics today from 3-4.
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    So after a 1yr long battle with GHA (tank has been up for 10yrs..... ???) I am finally back to a tank I am not ashamed of.
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    I can just hear the conversation at the fed Ex store " I don't know why .. but these power strips are selling out daily .." lol... sweet set up Kimchi... gott a swing by n get me some strips .. don' know for what but I will figure something to do with em .
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    I’ve heard of a couple people have issues. @rhwimmers But I used one for a couple of months to beat back aptaisia and had really good results. Only bad part was I burnt my stomach from the reflection off the glass. But that’s my fault.
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    More of an fyi....Two years ago this coming March i purchased two ocellaris clowns from Booyahs at our frag swap. Both were of unequal size. Pretty docile for the most part until this last yr as the female decided to nip at my hands when cleaning the glass. For such small fish (which have grown a great deal) they have a nasty bite even through latex gloves. I had wondered when they would become sexually mature and have read it can take 1-2 yrs. Thats pretty accurate as i noticed this evening a small clutch of eggs on the seal of the tank. This is the first clutch of eggs i have seen. They host in a zoa colony which has really taken a beating the past month. I have no interest at present to raise clownfish, but can say it almost took two years for sexual maturity.
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    Reeftrader.com is up and ready for you to post those frags! Pre-sell your corals on this site and you will have more money for raffles! We just secured the grand prize already...keep your eye on this thread club!
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    Yeah, early shift raffle security works fine for me. I can be cleanup crew too 🦀🐌. Size M
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    I’ll do the 11:30-2 on Saturday. Medium shirt.
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    You have me listed Saturday and I can do Friday night.
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    I can do Friday night and Saturday before the swap. XXL
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    I’ll do 7 a.m. Saturday. XL
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    I can do Saturday 2nd shift, 3XL, they shrink or I grow!
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    I will do Friday night setup. Xl shirt
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    I'll do Friday night set up. I'll also do Saturday first shift. Shirt size L.
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    That reminds me, I need to send you a text.
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    Reef-Roids all the way!!
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    You are reading it right club! INDMAS has booked Marc "Melev" Levenson to speak for us before our 2018 Annual Frag Swap! We are excited for this opportunity for our members to gain some key knowledge about corals before they enter the frag swap! The topic will be "Coral Pests and How to Treat Them" and this is one of our worst fears for our delicate underwater world. Marc will discuss the best methods for pest prevention in our reefs. This is something you literally can't afford to miss as this can save your reef! We would like to give Marc a warm INDMAS and reefing community welcome by showing him a great attendance before the swap for this talk! Pre-registration for this event starts at 10am. There are limited seats in the class room so don't be late! The talk starts sharp at 10:30am and will last roughly an hour and Marc will answer questions afterwards. INDMAS is excited once again to host another guest speaker to assist in our mission to educate the community about responsible reef keeping! Thanks Marc and we can't wait to see you next month!
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    LED's 1. more power efficient (lower power bill) 2. More cost efficient (no bulb changes - LED should last 10 yrs, yes debatable) 3. Less heat to deal with (will you need a chiller in the summer with MH?) - if so see item 1. above. 4. Ability to do "dawn to dusk" lighting effect (value of this on coral/fish is debatable) 5. MUCH easier to mount in a canopy (physical space, heat, ballasts) Just my 0.02 and food for thought. Chinese LEDs can be had very cost effective and many are using them (I have a Mars Aqua on my QT and it works great).
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    Smart home tech not only for homes but aquariums too! 4 total outlets and 2 usb's with individual on/off and scheduling. This will come in handy for maintenance or feeding as I can easily whip out my phone or tell Alexa to turn off my return pump. Main light is also attached to this and scheduled. I also hooked up my ATO pump to it and set 2 10 minute timers just in case my backup switch fails.
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    I can do friday and saturday as well (: just pretend kyle's post is for the both of us!
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    Ben, I can do Sat. where ever you need me, certainly set up.
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    Ben, You can put me down for Friday and Saturday. I will just need about 20 minutes on Saturday to do my quick browsing of corals.
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    New Pics with the ol' Canon! 50mm and 100mm lens. Still have the old 120g tank. 60g frag tank attached. How's your tank doing?
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    First shift as well as Friday night. You only put me Friday night.
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    Sorry about the troubles Pat. There is something glitchy in the store setting we are trying to work out... Email [email protected] and we can manually set up an account for your friend. Thanks sir!
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    Will defiantly be there! Looking forward to my first indmas meeting!
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    Looks great. I love the euphillia garden.
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    Things look much happier than they were a week ago. Lets hope things stay that way while I'm away enjoying the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona.
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    That is nice man! Love the plumbing!
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    Looks like it is coming along nicely.
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    This is how the Miracle Mud will look in the sump... I filled my 38 gallon sump up with Salt water to empty up my bottles to get more salt water for when set it up on Saturday.... I was not able to this past Saturday like I was planning... I ordered some Algae from Algae Barn before I knew I wasn't able to set it up but I have here in the sump with an old twin tube light strip... Fingers crossed this will be running this coming Saturday!!!! Thank God!!! :-)
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    Here is a pic with the coral lab template.
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    This frag made it home great! Edges are all healed up and this is the first pic of it.
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    When will we see a posting for volunteer sign up? I'm down for helping again. I'll try not to walk away with the tank this year.
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    I sent payment on 12/10 and sent a table request thru pm as well. I don’t think I ever got a response so I just want to make sure you have me down. Thanks!
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    OMG is not to late I will like a full table please send me where I have to send the money for it please
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    Thanks Jim, your email responded to. I'm working on year-end close at the day-job this week, but will reconcile my notes vs payments and post about any remaining availability by this weekend. Anyone may still feel free to email [email protected] to timestamp your reservation requests for hobby tables. I have responded to all that I have.
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    I would like an 8’ table. I have emailed a few times but have not yet been advised as to how to provide payment. Which email address should I use? Thanks
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    Painting is done both the Display and the sump. A few pics of the sump (3 sides are painted) I wanted to keep the fuge light from over spraying light on everything as much as I can cut down... I am debating on using Velcro on the back of the stand and putting a light blocking curtain back there... Some have said when they use a more solid backing like plywood they get more humidity in the stand area and some of the hardware on the doors rust and possibly get mold... With the light blocking curtain that would give more air flow and less humidity build up down there? Any thoughts or other ideas on how that would work?
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    This is a huge breakthrough. It is wild cuz when I do tank maintenance I put on coral videos and underwater educational videos. I was watching an episode of Jeff corwin specifically on corals and they collected gametes and sperm from the endangered Elkhorn coral. It was so amazing to watch knowing what I know now about the hobby...that I watched the episode twice in a row. Thanks for posting this Ken. I sure hope for the better of man and aquatic kind they succeed!
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    Payment sent. The new swap location looks very nice too.
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    Better get payments in for tables club...we are posting to other forums this weekend!
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    Where are vendors able to sign up? I have vendors on Facebook asking and would like to give them a link to be able to sign up. Thank you!
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    I would like to keep the holiday party if possible
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    I can offer to host the summer social or holiday party, tank might have some coral by then # ; )