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    I'm excited for the meeting this weekend. Hope for a great turnout. The meeting doesn't need to be adult beverage free. My mom said she is buying beer. We will have lots of food. All are welcome!
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    Premium is running 3 specials at the Swap this year 1) This is normally in store pickup only but for the swap $20 off any salt that is 150 gallon mix or larger. This must be pre-ordered and paid for with Premium prior to the swap. They will bring it to the swap for you to pick up! Must be paid for by 3/13/19 2) PA refractometers normally $39.99 a swap special at only $19.99 3) Deluxe RODI Filter set normally $34.98 swap special only $25
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    It's been a month and the room's coming along. I built most of the top section of the desk. It'll be used both for storage and work. I've only built the first of 4 cabinet doors and will wait to paint them and my shelves until it's warmer and I can use my sprayer. I also added a towel ring next to the tank so I can clean up small spills easily. I created a quick spreadsheet for my left monitor as a way to quickly check my most recent water change and results for Ca, Alk and Mg. The nice part is that I added conditional formatting so that as the days go by on my WC and tests the dates go from green to yellow to red. Same thing with my test results, I setup ranges for them that are color coded. The tank's going well too. I have a pair of ocellaris (1 snowflake) that have bonded and go everywhere together. There is also a red firefish, brittle star and 3 frags. I'm trying to accumulate more frags and need to add a cleanup crew.
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    Orange Frogspwan!!!
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    Just added to my 35 gallon reef today.
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    Thanks, he’s pretty fat these days
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    Would love to if: 1. Get a purple Haddon carpet anemone 2. Price- match ($595.00 in this case) 3. 14-day warranty
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    Type in Premium Aquatics and see if it works? 🤣
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    use epoxy. not the stuff at the hardware. but a yrue epoxy floor. it will hold up and not fade dull or chip..
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    Since I restarted my tank after the crash and room build I thought I'd just roll along for a while without testing, but once I got a few frags I got back on track. I found my Alk was really low, the first test was 6.8. I am using the Hanna checker for testing but was using reagent that expired in July, so I decided to pick up a fresh bottle today because I was afraid that I was dosing too much and want to make sure the result is accurate. I was up to 9.24 dKh, then tested with both reagents today. Turns out my reading with the new kit was only 7.62. I tested again with both vials just to take that out of the equation and the results were the same within 1 ppm. It looks like my expired reagent was giving me a bad result, I am curious how low the Alk really was. I noticed that my frags opened up significantly after dosing so I bet it was pretty low. It goes to show that even though the test kits look fine you really should replace them when they expire.
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    I most recently used the Elos kit and liked it.
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    I recently purchased the Salifert test kit but prefer the Red Sea set up (glass curvet and holder/shaker hardware). So, I use the Salifert chemicals with the RedSea hardware. Both kits are similar in accuracy in my opinion.
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    Looks like we are nearing 15 members for this monthly meeting! I'm sure we can hit 20 though...😀
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    I would pull the pump out and clean it and remove the impeller and re set it. Sounds like maybe the impeller is jumping a little. Could be a crack in the impeller but hope not. I just put a IM mighty jet in my 25 lagoon and man what a quiet and powerful pump. Price is great too for a controllable small pump.
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    Perfect time to upgrade to a 120G!
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    Hoping to make this one. Should be +1 if I can
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    I should be able to make this meeting.
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    Jenn and I will plan to be there as well. Thanks for stepping up to host Eric and fam!
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    I plan on attending.
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    Wow! This one will be close. I should be able to attend as well.
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    Sorry i wasn't able to make the meeting today, my mom didn't want to drive in the weather.
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    Will be there. Anyone want any Xenia or Kenya? Will trade for anything - beer, hugs, high fives.. You name it
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    Thank you everyone! If you are reading this and find yourself on the fence about volunteering for the first time, please do... many hands make light work!