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    If the raffles above aren't enough this month....check out what Luis has graciously added to the raffle this month! He has a colony of gorgeous looking palys he is adding to the raffle! Check these out:
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    Great turn out and it was great to see everyone there. That paly colony is doing great and has added a lot of color to the tank. I will be in the process of moving these over to a tank specifically for zoas and palys in the next few weeks.
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    Thanks for hosting Luis! Loved your achillies tang, one of my favorites. Great looking tank too.
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    You should do that Kent! Work is over rated anyway. ; v) That paly colony is going home with us though....just sayin
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    Haven't been able to attend a meeting yet. My schedules are so busy on the weekends with my wife working and other family related stuff. However I am going to try and make it out to this one!
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    Change in plans, We are moving the in-laws this weekend instead.....So Mikayla and I will be able to attend now!!!
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    Day 250, and things are rolling along. Haven't posted much as I haven't made many changes honestly. My office tank has been shut down and the coral that I had placed in there are back in this tank. The hammer coral (center of pic Center of rocks) are starting to bounce back. Color is coming back and it seems to be quite happy in that spot. I have noticed some vermited Snails but they are not bothering my coral. I'll keep an eye on that and pluck them off when I see the need. Also the palys in the lower right corner are on a shell. They were given to me at a Frag swap and seem to be thriving. However upon returning home from a vacation I noticed some bubble algae on the shell. I removed the shell and palys from the tank and plucked the bubbles off. Rinsed the Frag in some tank water and placed it back in the tank. That's about the extent of things. The sicce .5 pump and spinstream are working great. Provides a good random flow and my torches seem to love it. I don't believe I'll be placing an extra powerhead in the tank. Still have yet to hook up the macro algae reactor. Just running filter floss and chemi-pure blue. Kessil A80 at 100% intensity and 50% color. Light feedings daily reef roids once a week, and change out the floss daily. 2 gallon waterchange and vacuuming the sand once a week. I clean out the back chamber and scrub the pump once a month. Okay im rambling.... sorry. tank by PaulSAC1854, on Flickr
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    I’ll be the first to rsvp. I’ll be there for this one.
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    Chaeto Reactors compared to Algae Scrubbers, part 1 All macroalgae operate basically the same, chemically. They all use light, photosynthetically, to absorb nutrients from the water (i.e., filtering) and to grow biomass. Just like trees. The differences between types of macroalgae are in the physical structure of the macroalgae growth and the way the structure affects nutrient absorption speed, which means filtering. Here are the main differences as far as aquarists are concerned: Chaeto: Pronounced KAY-toe. Chaeto is the nickname for Chaetomorpha, and it looks like a green dishwasher cleaning pad. It has no "roots" and thus does not attach to solid surfaces. It grows in saltwater only, and is not eaten by many fish. Green Hair Algae: Includes Cladophora "angel hair" and Ulva "Easter basket" types. It has "roots" which attach to solid surfaces. It grows in freshwater and saltwater, and is eaten by almost all herbivores. Slime: A solid algal growth, bright green to brown to black in color, that attaches to solid surfaces but not very securely. Chaeto Reactor: A device that has water running through it, with chaeto growing in it. Also known as an "algae reactor". A chaeto reactor does not allow air to enter; only water, and these reactors usually have a lid attached with screws to keep water in and air out. Algae Scrubber: Also called a Turf Scrubber, or Algal Turf Scrubber (ATS). A device that allows air and water to interact to create a turbulent air/water interface like waves on a beach; it grows green hair algae or slime that attaches to solid surfaces. Reactors and scrubbers are different from refugiums; a refugium (“fuge”) is a space in a sump where macroalgae is placed, and a light is put over it. Refugiums have very slow flow, and very low light penetration, compared to reactors or scrubbers. You could modify a refugium to be a reactor, and with more mods you could make it a scrubber. But then it would no longer be a refugium. All oceans, reefs, lakes and rivers are naturally filtered by photosynthesis. This means that algae does all the filtering of these waters. This is why algae is at the base of the entire aquatic food chain, and why algae biomass dwarfs the biomass of all aquatic animals combined. But for algae to absorb nutrients out of the water, the algae must grow. And to absorb nutrients faster, the algae must grow faster. Next we will look at what makes different types of macroalgae absorb nutrients differently.
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    I don't know how many of us have heard about these Tangs but they are amazing! From a brief search prices range from $500 to $2000! Here's a link to an article about them. I actually didn't know about these fish until I seen them in the YouTube video from Reefbuilders where they visited Jason Fox (Which btw is also a must watch vid). https://reefbuilders.com/2015/11/05/hotspot-aberrant-scopas-tangs-discovered-south-west-java/
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    Having owned a gem tang, they are quite an amazing fish to see in person. I like the looks of this tang, maybe a new addition to the future 150 build I have coming up.
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    Koi tangs are often aberrant yellow tangs. There are also yellow scopas tangs. The only zebrasomas I haven’t seen an aberrant form every once in awhile have been purple and gem. ;). Neat fish though!
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    Thanks Kent, that is a worry so hopefully we can stay on the outskirts, not sure if that will help. The west side is the alternative but Rockville road sucks!
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    Im learning how to use google sketchup while im on a small vacation.
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    This was a great swap. Lots of great deals and corals. I hope to have some pictures of everything I picked up posted later this week. Also if you haven't had a chance to go to these swaps, if your girlfriend/wife/significant other is looking for decorations, they have these awesome tile pieces. We bought some the last swap and all the ones at this swap. For the 2018 year, we hope to host one of the meetings and to have all of these up in the fish area.
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    Thanks to all that could make it last night. I was very impressed with the turn out. Hope everyone had a good time and was able to get enough food. Thanks for all the compliments on the tank and our home. We hope to host again next year.
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    I’ll be there. Sorry for the last minute rsvp
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    Well good to hear Denise! Looks like we have good turnout brewing up here! You all can watch Jenn or I bag up those palys today now :v)
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    I haven't been able to attend a meeting in quite some time because life is been very busy on the weekends but I am going to try very hard to be there today
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    Luis is gonna have a paly punching session going on in his living room it sounds like lol!! Great raffles and discussion this month club! Lets get a few other people to visit Luis in Lebanon tomorrow.... Anyone else able to make it???
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    CoralBeauty28 and Reefaddict12 will be there and I'm shooting for the paly colony to continue my zoa garden
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    Saturday is a work day but I’m going to do my best to make this meeting. No doubt in my mind Luis’ tank is a must see.
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    The time has come for my first official update. The Santa Monica Pier Aquarium is nestled beneath the very front of the pier, with a nice big aquarium banner for good measure. Every creature on display is native to Santa Monica Bay, with a few exceptions (ex: El Nino caused some Pacific seahorses to appear in our waters, which were then collected and given their own exhibit). Obviously, the goal is to give visitors a sense of what's lurking right beneath the bay, and to drive the point home, most of our main exhibits are modeled after a specific ecosystem (including the underside of the pier itself). Attached to this post are a few photos showing the aquarium’s position in relation to the pier, the entrance, and some of our exhibits. All of these photos are mine, except for the aerial shot. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! -Kamran
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    I got you covered. Hint: the raffle.
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    I will be there Also on the Sand Bed topic If you go bare bottom tank is there additional filtration considerations and if so what might they be
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    Thanks. I have the first two covered but hadn't thought of the last one.
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    If anyone has any specific questions related to the topic please feel free to post here or PM me and I will make sure to include information. My goal is to educate in general on the topic as well as discuss some thoughts/ideas related to it in order to pique some curriosity and drive experimentation with different options.
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    I know some use this one also https://www.amazon.com/ACKE-Spectrum-Seedlings-Hydroponics-Lights/dp/B01LX1EO3W/ref=sr_1_19?s=lawn-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1510069222&sr=1-19&keywords=led+grow+light
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    The progress so far. Its just a header and opening, but its a start! Also the OHH ***** drain.
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    I’d only use trochus snails, they do a much better job Eating and not dying.
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    Looks like all your dedicated work is paying off
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    I'd say yes as the meeting usually go a little longer anyway.
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    Haven't been to one in such a long time but I won't be able to get there until around 5-5:30. Should I still try to come?
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    I'll be there. Do we need to pitch in any food? Drink?
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    Yes thanks Kent.... I appreciate you going to all that trouble to post a pic... And your with me too I wish more would post their tanks so we can have a lot of different tanks to compare aquascaping to... Maybe more will in time... Thanks again... yours looks great too... I like the open spaces... I want a lot of that too... I like seeing sand too and more room for fish to swim...
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    Yeah was crazy nice! dont think Jeremy at Modern is ever going to sell me any of his nice pieces again . Guess I'll better be at the meeting for once this time.
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    Jenn and i plan on being there! Thanks for getting the ball rolling Luis haha
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    This is fluconazole. It's been used for years in other countries as bryopsis treatment and works amazing. It will destroy hair algae, bryopsis, bubble algae, and most macros (including mangroves). This stuff has been used in almost all of my tanks and if I had the space to have a coral qt I'd put every new piece of coral in it for 2 weeks to make sure that I never reseed the main tank. The BEST stuff you will ever find for bryopsis.
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    I love getting new CL alert emails, but this search for "coral" gets my hopes up sometimes! Ooo, a garage sale post... prices could be really low on this one! Scrolling... scrolling... ::Facepalm::
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    Looks like a good start. Just remember your the person that’s going to look at it the most so as long as your happy with it, rock it out. lol.
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    Thank you, the tank is a year old last week so it still looks “fraggy”. #!X!#!!! AQUASCAPING.....always drives me crazy. I’m never happy with what I do. This is my second tank and both times the Aquascaping has turned into a 6 month live rock version of musical chairs. I was hoping more people would post pics on this thread. It’s always interesting to see what people do with their rockwork. Thanks for the resizing suggestion, I down loaded an App. so all is good. I may back up now and do a tank build thread.
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    Got it! Better late than never I guess