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    Yes I am finally getting this tank wet. I ran a dedicated outlet to the tank. Repainted the room and in the process of adding water. Now I need to hang my lights.
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    Hey Guys & Gals, Outside of Falconry and Aquariums I also have an interest in Ants. I have yet to get a true colony going but here is one that I think will be perfect. I was at Brandon's house for Mays Meeting and after the meeting was over we were all sitting around his back yard and I noticed her walking around on his Grill Cover. I grabbed her and as a gracious host Brandon got me a specimen cup and we put her in there. I got her in a Large Test tube set up and it was only a day or so after that she started laying eggs. She has laid 11 eggs so far and in the photo she has lots of them hatched and 3 are in cocoons now...
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    I think the problem should be solved now. Members should be able to upload 5 MB photos and 10 MB movies. Please try uploading and report back.
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    Clearly we need an indmas fishing meet up.
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    I'll take 2 seats. I don't wanna miss this one. Ross
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    So I recently moved into a new office, and well I have copious amounts of desk space. So what does an addicted reef keeper do? Yep that’s right, he sets up another tank, and another build thread. I picked up the used tank and some black sand from a local reefer a couple weeks back. The plan is to keep this tank a soft coral tank. My biggest issue right now is the placement of the tank. Below are two photos of where it could sit in my office. I’d love to be able to see it daily, and give my co-workers something to look at as well. However it will be sitting right next to a south facing window. The other spot would be over my left shoulder. I’d have to turn around to admire the tank, but would possibly be better in terms of temperature issues. Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts. Convince me of one spot over the other. As for the tank specs: IM NUVO 10 IM Filter Sock IM 18 Watt Skkye Light Stock Pump Eheim 50 Watt Heater 8-10 LBS of BRS Reef Ssaver Dry Rock 3-4 Lbs of Black sand mixed with 3-4 lbs of Caribsea Bimini Pink sand. Livestock: Xenia Toadstool Devils Hand Leather Green Star Polyps Various Zoa’s Various Mushrooms Purple Gorgonian Fiji Yellow Blue Plating Sponge (Eventually) Green Clown Goby Midas Blenny
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    Only way to test your theory is to build another tank and see if the kids get sick again
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    Looking for new link
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    FYI, the aquarium website says to use one Dave Cowens Drive, Newport, KY as the address for GPS and google map. I tried entering Newport Aquarium and it routes you to the back door vs. the parking garage.
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    Very cool! Thanks for sharing! My daughters are interested in starting an "ant farm."
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    Saw this on another forum if anyone is looking for a skimmer for half off: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/reef-octopus-blowout.310378/#post-3845403
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    I have been a Reefbreeder fan for a few years. Have a photon over my DT, and superlux over frag and Jenns tank. Nice color, growth, price and customer service...
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    Ok people, its obvious its summer as its dead around here! What is everyone doing that is pulling you away from the hobby? I am still all in but have been spending most of my weekends fishing. Nothing crazy has been going on with my tank's besides having a jebao powerhead burn up and cause a bit of a headache. Any news with new setup's or any frag swap's anyone is planning on going to?
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    I think we need to start a fishing thread and share our tackle tips and what not. I take out my boat weekly, pry fish 3 days a week.
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    Running a Reef Breeders V2 fixture. Polyp Extension and growth has been getting better now my parameters are better. I still think a ATI fixture or Radium is the best for color and overall tank.
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    Everyone got that fishing itch! Same here! The tank is in a holding pattern while we battle dinos. Over a month now but think we are starting to get some headway on them. Most of the free time goes to chasing bass though. Got to take these nice days while we can.
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    Between planning for a kid in October, work, the tank and modding the SCCA Solo car. There isn't a lot of free time. Working on the car has taken priority over the fish tank, but I did move all my fish equipment to the basement which has been great.
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    I am like you been fishing and pulling the camper around it will be snowing before you know it.