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    My last tank was a 210 with regular glass and now I have a rimless with the same thickness glass but low iron and the difference is very noticeable to me and I would choose low iron if costs are not outrageous. It is probably a hundred or two difference for the front panel to be low iron unless someone is really trying to mark it up.
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    I think I will be able to make it. If I’m there will participate in Beluga!
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    Looking forward to seeing everyone at my house for the Christmas meeting! For those of you that don't know about my tanks I will tell you a little bit here. I have a 34 gal reef tank (LPS mainly) and a 180 FOWLR Tank. The 180 is my "pair" themed tank. Meaning I am stocking the tank with fish that normally pair up in the wild. And some single fish that don't form pairs also. I can explain at the meeting on how I pair them if anyone is interested. Still in the stocking process but so far I have a pair of Interruptus Angelfish, Indian Vegabond Butterflies. Along with a pair of Mocha Clowns, which was a door prize at one of our meetings that one of our very own members bred! My Goldflake/Flagfin hybrid angel recently lost his mate, as well as did my Pakistan Butterfly. (Interruptus Angels can be mean) I have a replacement female for the hybrid angel in QT now along with a Long Nose Black Tang. My QT system will also be up and running for all to see. See you all there!
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    I don't have personal experience but they have not shipped in well to the shop. I know they are planktonic feeders in the wild and after time and some diligence can accept flakes and brine. They do well in groups with big enough tanks too. Richard Ross at the steinhart museum knows of keeping them very well from what I understand.
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    Thanks Luis for hosting! Thanks to LRS for taking the time to talk to us, and a big thanks to Daniel for setting it all up.
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    Also, a post from Larry on his FB page. If you aren’t following him it’s a fun read.
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    Really good info to know for future reference. Thanks!
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    I do not think that the thickness on a 180 makes low iron a necessity. You can also price out the tank with only the front in low iron.
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    Personally, I think it’s worth spending a small amount on low iron, but isn’t a deal breaker for me. The clarity is there but not enough to pay an outrageous markup compared to a “normal” glass tank.
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    @PetesFolly I have not received an email for it. If you can double check. [email protected]
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    Yes you will need to save a copy and then you should be able to upload it to custom ink
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    Just bought my calendar!
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    Yes we should have the calendars at the party. I will work on getting the calendar into the INDMAS store for purchase. We will also have the calendar pictures posted up soon. I do apologize for the delay. We were working on making the pictures high resolution so they turn out great.
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    These were shot with the App. All current photos on my instagram are as well. @tehSAC_reef
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    Yes you definitely could. If only I could find the box lol. I have one shade of orange taped over a Wyze camera that I can check in throughout the day and one laying loose to hold over my phone for pics.
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    I love my polyplab filter. Use it on my iPhone X.
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    Looks I’ll be able to make it now!! I’m in for the gift exchange.
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    Check out Aquarium Camera by John Ostler. It’s a phone app that digitally adds the gel filters to your phone. Other than that one, I have the polyplab filters that I loved until I upgraded to the iPhone 11 pro. Now the physical filters don’t fit the camera structure with the 3 lenses
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    They have been ordered
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    I got a pack of gel filters off amazon for like $8 and use the orange. I just hold it up in front of my phone camera or tape it if needed. I’m cheap...
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    Mike and I will be there and we will both play beluga
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    I’ll be bringing a gift also. santor33
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    I’ll be there, bringing a dessert and participating in the exchange.
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    Good looking fish! Thanks for the order and looking forward to seeing it in person soon.
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    Will be there +1 and will participate in the beluga
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    I need that for my 80 shallow to suspend my ati fixture. I don’t want to suspend from the ceiling and not fond of the conduit look.
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    Jenn and i should be there but will be late because she works that day. We will participate in ONE gift exchange and bring a dish.
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    I’m coming in as a solid maybe on this one. I may have to be out of town, but it isn’t looking likely. So it’ll be me and Amber. I’ll participate in the gift exchange if I can make it and will update closer to date
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    Wow that is so messed up that someone would do that. Very glad your daughter was there to step in and you as well to find a new home. Very cool of you guys!
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    Indeed...thank you to any and all that served! Appreciation is an understatement
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    Hope everyone made it home safe and that the fish are loving the new foods. Below are a couple articles that Tami Weiss (who Skyped with us about seahorses a couple years ago) wrote about food and staying frozen. Her site is not up anymore so it’s from the archive but should work. https://web.archive.org/web/20160909225950/http://fusedjaw.com/food-and-nutrition/frozen-mysis-part-1-the-quest-for-quality-mysis/ https://web.archive.org/web/20161113044512/http://fusedjaw.com/food-and-nutrition/frozen-mysis-part-2-the-science-behind-the-food/
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