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    Meet The Count He hovers in this area of the tank and has a den right behind him. Some say you never make it out if his den alive. Others say nothing at all...what say you?
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    Sometimes i get the feeling its looking at me and creeps me out!
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    Tank has been on autopilot since the softball season has started. Having a little bit of coral warfare going on with the candy canes and euphyllia, but I knew that was going to eventually happen. Overall good growth and the ricordea I purchased from Luis has split twice since I picked it up from him. I'm still eyeballing an upgrade to a lagoon tank, but right now I love this little tank. Cannot see me ever going larger than 25 gallons to be honest. Love the ease and simplicity of its little footprint.
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    Those are not pods Amanda. They are water amoeba ;v) You should bring them to me to rid yourself of these useless critters.
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    My Biocube 16 gallon.
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    You may also want to consider lining the bottom of the stand and up the side a little with pond liner. This would be much better protection if you do have a flood.
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    My new deep blue 80 rimless. Need to get some new equipment and finish the stand but look forward to the build.
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    I'm Jeremy, I'm new to indmas. I been reeling for a few years. I got my first tank in 1990 The cool under gravel filter style with bubble pipes that made salt creep look like a mountain of salt. Back in 2000 started a aquaculture facility out in Brazil Indiana. 2006 sold out and moved on with life. Now I'm in southern Indiana and slowly, very slowly building 400+ basement sump reef. So I need help and hope I can add some as wel go. Any who Hello reefers...
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    +1 on the outside tube thingy (that’s a scientific term) I would def recommend a dehumidifier to keep things in check. My house in Florida had windows everywhere but still got a little water damage behind my tank because of the humidity. One thing you might think about is the openness (or lack there of) if anything was to happen. ie. skimmer overflows with stankness, polytoxin release, you decide to eat tacos. Taco air is heavy you can’t air out a basement.
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    that is correctomundo....you will have to chime in here with a head count though so we can tally the people for the BTS
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    That sucks. It’s cool you found what the possible culprit is and shared it. Could help out someone on the future. I’m not as careful as I probably should be with my tank, but stories like this should make us all take a step back and think. One little thing, not even related to the hobby, can take down all our hard work. Let me know when you back up and running. If I have anything you want I’ll donate some frags.
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    Growing pods without even trying. Been about 2 to 3 weeks since I cleaned my mesh filter socks. This is what I found. This is from 2 filter socks! Never seen so many pods!! There are thousands of them!! They are in a one gallon bucket to give you an idea of how many there really are. I have not bought and added new pods for a few months now. I've seen several in the sock before but never like this before. Put most back into DT and feed the others to my fish in QT.
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    Wow that is impressive. Where can I pick up? 🤣
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    @rms5613 Kevin, I sent you an email in regards to your request for current list of members.
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    Sometimes I do have a point.... so I comb my hair differently to better cover it.
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    Not real pleased with this. Not sure how long it was down or even why it was down......I would like to have a meeting with the powers to be and also get a current membership list to update our files. I want to assure that everyone who is suppose to get their discount is getting it. You can email it to me @ [email protected]
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    I have not had experience with Bubble Magnus skimmers so I would not be a good judge on their performance. SE 100 ... limited edition, will spare parts be an issue in the future?
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    I like the pond liner idea Amanda!
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    I am certainly not in favor of harming the environment. 1) Someone will make a lot of money from this concept... follow the money 2) It seems like most man made solutions that are supposed to help one problem create other more serious un-intentional issues 3) The science behind many of these schemes has shown to be questionable. {Honey bees were dying from the high use of cell phones and other wireless devices... until they found out that a bacterial infection was wiping out honey bees}
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    Here is my final Presentation of my final semester at The "Cascade High School" I found out a lot about the different types of lights in which effect coral growth in a pico-reef. Here is a final presentation of all the data in which I received over the trials.
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    Jenn and i will plan to be there! This is a great meeting to make some connections and have fun! Let's do a bring a frag - take a frag this year! Your coral must be aqua cultured and labeled in a specimen cup or Tupperware container. NO anthelia...kenya tree...GSP or ugly palys please. You do not have to participate in this but must bring a frag to take one home :v) Who else is excited for this meeting?
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    I renew every year. The club has a lot of knowledgeale members. You can ask questions and learn. The swap is always good too. Plus I have made a lot of friends in the club.