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    Hello Indy! I'm looking forward to coming out next weekend to speak. For anyone that's looking to get some SPS frags PM me your email and I can email a list with photos with what I have. Unfortunately I was a recent victim as all other Photobucket users were and can no longer show my photobucket photos online. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Thanks in advance. Copps
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    Its been too long since I won a raffle. . . Good thing I've got frags reserved so I won't go home empty handed this month!
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    I think the Trident from Apex will be epic this last quarter of the year...
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    I'd really like to know what everyone is using around here for their display or fragtank lights. What kind of reef are you running, are you getting good growth...etc. I'd also love to find someone with kessil's on the south side that I can throw a par meter under. I'll start. Display - SPS dominant, ati t5 with two led tubes. Growth is very good for sps and lps. Frag tank - sps only, lumen arc 400w mh with radium, growth is hit or miss depending on species
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    Just starting up a thread on one of my smaller tanks that I have. Currently running a 13.5g fluval Evo tank. Everything is stock on the tank other than a fluval 15g wavemaker and an aquatic life nano skimmer (highly recommend). Current occupants: Lubbocks wrasse, blue/green chromis, and a rainfords goby. Inverts are a few hermits, a few snails, 2 sexy shrimp, a pom pom crab and a porcelain crab. Corals, I have a mix of different zoas and palys, red gorgonian, different mushroom (Yuma, richordea, discoma), a few torches, octospawn, and a bunch of other stuff. Water changes are done weekly. I am looking to add more color to the tank with future zoas and other corals. This tank is also home to a bunch of baby sexy shrimp that were born on 8/10/17 at 11:36 PM. woohoo!!!
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    Thanks for hosting Bud and Colleen Cannot wait to see what the 75 looks like then next time you host
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    Sorry you couldn't make it Paul...was a good time! Thanks for hosting this event Bud and Colleen! Jenn and i both had a great time...the raffles were bountiful and the 125g is growing corals like crazy lately. Thanks again guys!
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    Looking forward to seeing all of you tomorrow! We should have a nice turnout and a beautiful day for this event. Don't forget your coolers and your blue flashlights along for people to use to view the corals!
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    Nice raffle prizes this month. I have a 125 main tank a 75 gallon frag/ grow out. tank new setup by the way and a 14 gallon biocube. I will have tables set up for us to do the swap. And corn hole setup.
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    more raffles added everyone!!! This is a great lineup of products and hope to see you all there!
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    My husband and I will be there. I can finally make a meeting. (Hopefully, my husband won't kill the car battery listening to football. Last time it was the last quarter of the OSU game and I thought he was going to have a melt down on the spot.)
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    Haven't been able to make the last few & looking forward to this one!
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    Looking good Paul! Looks like you are getting some growth and everything is nice and happy...
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    New Photos, just because.
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    October topic can be how to move a tank with demo, haha.
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    I am currently talking to my wife to see if we will be able to host the October meeting. We are in the process of packing up to move in the next month. I can provide an update by mid September. Hopefully we will be moved in and the tanks will be settled in.
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    Hopefully we will be able to attend this one next year.
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    Anyone else coming. I will have cornhole setup in the backyard and a couple of big tables for the swap. Anyone that wants to hang out after is more then welcome as i will have my firepit going also. Just need good weather. will be posting some up hopefully this weekend. And need to get the tanks cleaned up.
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    That is totally weird, but it works now. THANKS
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    Try a different power cord to the power supply, I had a similar problem with a PC4 and some vertex lights. I switched the power cord from an extra computer I had, and it worked fine, and the vertex power cable worked fine to power the computer. Can't explain it, but it solved the problem.
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