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So jenn and I have decided to change the frag tank into a display tank in order to house the fish we will be keeping from our foyer tank.  We are in the process of breaking down the 58g oceanic and will be keeping the pygmy pink streak wrasse, the Tanaka, and our mated blue line snowflakes.

We had a custom screen top made by an indmas member Matt Poorman and think it turned out amazing!  The feed lid is the colts horse shoe, and COLTS is etched in under the feed lid.  It fits like a dream and allows for us to still use the filtration in the back as well.  

We plan on stocking this tank rather lightly.  All corals will be blue in color.  We are looking at blue Hornets zoas, blue sympodium, blue cesputilaria, tubbs blue, baby breath favia and blue kiss zoas.  There is blue cyphastrea in there now.  We will have a snowflake longfin clown, a pygmy pink streak wrasse and maybe a Dracula goby or flaming prawn goby.  

Have one more rock to swap over this week from the 58g and it will be ready to stock slowly.  The 58g tank will be up for sale once I transfer the fish we are keeping to other tanks.  More later!

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awesome theme tank!!!!  Be thankful that the colts wear blue....and you dont live in cleveland and have browns tank  

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Thanks guys.  Wanted to do something different.  Having multiple tanks we wanted to switch it up some.  Plus blue corals arent easiest to source so would make it somewhat challenging.  May even throw a white pipe organ or something in there for the blue and white colts colors

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