Great news everyone - this year we have been able to make accommodations for trip to the Indianapolis Zoo, including a behind the scenes tour of their Oceans area!   It will be a great time.    We are trying to finalize all the details and so we need to put out some feelers to gauge interest and attendance.  The tentative plans are below.  Please reply with the number of each category of tickets you estimate needing as well as a count for the behind the scenes tour.  We may have limited slots on this tour so a count is helpful.      The tour will either be 10:30am or 1:00 pm, please also list which would be better for you so we can try to plan it best we can.  We will get a group discount rate shown below (regularly $22.45 for adults) as long as we purchase 25 tickets in advance.   TELL US Tickets -  Adult (ages 13-61): $16.25 ____________ Youth (ages 2-12): $12.25 ____________ Senior (ages 62+): $15.25 ____________ BTS Tour # of people      ____________ AM/PM   ____________