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Return pump questio

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A friend of mine is setting up a 265g with remote plumbing to his sump in another room (same floor of his home).  I’m not exactly sure how he has calculated the “head”, but thought I’d pass on his info and see if the group has any suggestions.  His present return line from the sump to tank is 1”.  Thanks!


Looks like my top gph to the DT is 500 gph.

Given ~ 280 gallons, not sure this is enough flow.
My 'head' is 15', so the Apex Core 20 and the Vectra M1 are about maxed out (so the numbers look right).
I've googled around to see what, if any, other pumps would work.
I like the submersible pumps, but curious what your suggestions would be.
Even upgrading to the 2" pipe would only bring the head down to 13, so not sure that's worth the trouble.
1. I'm guessing the flow to the DT is not enough, correct?
2. What return pump recommendations you'd have given:
15' pressure head
~300 gallon DT ( ~1500 gph )

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His calcs seem a bit high.  I attached 2 from the RC calculator and it's quite a bit lower.   But I think the key is he can use that pump for running his sump and life support systems but he will have to run some internal tank devices as well.  I think the gyres or the vortech pumps would be great for a setup like this.  



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Thanks Daniel. He has a couple of gyres for the main tank already. I’ll find out what calculator he was using too. 

Btw - I need to send you a pm...

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