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NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

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I recently received a Hanna Alk checker as a gift.  Figuring alk was not as consistent as I would prefer in my little tank.   When I ran it for the first time I was shocked to see my alk was at 7.4.   First year it stayed pretty steady around 8.5 - 8.4.   I then thought the MG would be the culprit for being low   

Well I spent 2.5 hours with the tank this morning.   Running multiple tests, btw i need to get a mg and ca Hanna checker cause these drop tests suck.   The Hanna checkers are so easy to use!   Anyway tested the tank before a waterchange, new mixed saltwater, and after the waterchange.    Also did a big cleaning of the pump, return line, and rear chambers.    Flow is turned up to max on the Sicce 0.5 pump with the stock return nozzle.   Getting tons of flow now too!  May need to turn down the flow a bit, but we will see.   


So here are my results:



Pre-Waterchange Tank
MG 1410
ALK 7.3
CA 470
TEMP 78.4
Mixed Saltwater before Waterchange 
MG 1470
ALK 9.5
CA 490
TEMP 78.6
Tank after waterchange
MG 1440
ALK 8.2
CA 480
TEMP 78.4
It looks like my MG and Calcium are pretty steady but the Alk is dropping a bit more than I would prefer.   I’m thinking either multiple changes weekly or dosing.   Not sure I want to go the dosing route just for Alk but open to suggestions.   I think WC’s might be best for this tank.  



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