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NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

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Friday evening I did a 4 gallon waterchange and things seem to be bouncing back.   Still bummed about the torch but hoping to fill that rock out soon with a couple variations.  







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Updated Livestock list in my Nano.


2 Ocellaris Clown

1 Yasha Goby

1 Cerith Snail

1 Astrea Snail

2 Blue Legged Hermits

1 Cleaner Shrimp

1 Peppermint Shrimp

1 Candy Cane Pistol Shrimp


Current Corals:

Purple Tip Hammer

Green Tip Hammer

Blue Hammer

Yellow Hammer

Green Frogspawn

Red Acan Lord

Light Blue/Red Acan Lord

Pink Zipper Paly's

Date Night Paly's

Watermelon Zoa

Yellow Brick Road Zoa

Bam Bam Zoa

Sunny D Paly

Cornbred Rainbow Infusion Paly

Utter Chaos Zoa

WWC Watermelon Zoa

Pink and Gold Paly

Yellow/Purple/Orange Zoa

Rasta Zoa

Rainbow Hornet Zoa's

Fruit Loop Zoa

Gorilla Nipple Zoa’s

Various Unnamed Zoa’s 

Blue/Green Ricordea Mushroom

Orange Ricordea Mushroom

Gold/Green Ricordea

Yellow Ricordea

Purple Rhodactus Mushroom 

Green/Purple Rhodactus Mushroom

Pink/Purple Yuma Mushroom

Superman Mushroom 

Candy Cane Coral Colony

Duncan Coral

Meteor Shower Cyphastrea

Purple Gorgs

Pink Blasto

Jack-O-Lantern Lepto

Bejewled Favia

Unnamed Yellow Favia


New top down under full kessil blue's




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Couple new photos from last night.

Met up with Ryan Tuesday night to grab a frag from him.   Gotta say its a beauty and I cant wait for it to get bigger.







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I like it. It's a nice contrast to the other colors. I'm guessing it won't take long for it to start popping some new heads in your tank. Euphillia seem to like it in there.

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2 hours ago, ryansweet said:

I like it. It's a nice contrast to the other colors. I'm guessing it won't take long for it to start popping some new heads in your tank. Euphillia seem to like it in there.

I sure hope so.  It’s one of my favorites in my tank right now.  It’s nice and “fluffy” tonight too.  



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Starting to wish I went with the AI Prime light vs the Kessil.   I have pretty steady parameters, weekly water changes, and feed my corals, but growth has stalled.   My zoa's and paly's are stretching too.   I can only think that the culprit is the light.   🤷‍♂️


Does anyone have a spare Prime they want to get rid of, or let me borrow to see if my corals bounce back?



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So Saturday when the lights came on I noticed something looked odd within the tank.   Upon further inspection, I saw my Meteor Shower Cyphastrea I got from @Gonzo620 was showing signs of melting away.   Tested the tank, and everything was well within levels I'm happy keeping, and my tank has always been happy with.   So safe to say, I was pretty upset with it all.  The tank has really been acting funny the past couple of months and has been the most frustrating part of this journey so far.    I've also been having some issues with aiptasia, and have been looking for some Berghia Nudibranches locally with no luck so far.   I'm not sure where the aiptasia has come from, as I dip all of my corals, as well as removing them from the plug they come from, and gluing them to a new plug before they go into the tank.  Frustration to the max.

Yesterday was waterchange day since I was at the Indy 500 all day Sunday.   I decided that things needed a bit of a change, so I did a little rearranging within the tank.   I rotated the main rock a bit, and re-glued some corals to the rockwork.   I also vacuumed the sand in the spot where the rocks used to sit, as there was a bit of detritus in those spots.    Eventually I got to a point where I was happy with it, and let it be.   I also removed the spinstream nozzle and stuck on the stock nozzle.   I'm trying to do everything I can do to save things and promote health and growth in my corals.  Even looking for an AI Prime to replace the Kessil I'm running now.  I'm going to give it a few months and see where we are at the end of the summer.   Hopefully the next few posts within this thread will be on the positive side.   At least for those still following.

If it all fails, I will be doing a complete overhaul of the tank, and a new approach, but hopefully we never get there.



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So I've gotta admit..... I'm loosing the drive to keep this tank up.   Too many issues have started to show and nothing I am doing is fixing anything.   

A couple weeks back I switched out the spinstream and put on the stock return nozzle.   Just to give a different flow to the tank.   I also lowered my light a bit more to combat some corals stretching.    About a week in the corals stopped stretching, and everything seemed to be happy.   I'm getting good growth on my favia's, acans, and zoas/palys, however my euphyllia are acting odd.   The duncan has sprouted some new heads, but one of my hammers have dropped a couple heads, same with one of my frogspawns.    Seeing this polyp bailout had me concerned, that either I had an alk spike or not enough calcium.   Maybe it was the flow, or the lighting.   Honestly I still don't have a clue.   

I'm considering selling off all but two of my euphyllia, rescaping the tank, and taking a different approach.   However I just don't have the desire.   Part of me wants to start new, but there is still a little bit inside of me that wants to resurrect this tank to what it once was.   

In the end, I'm doing this for myself.   Not for instagram likes or followers, or recognition in a magazine.   I wan't a tank that I can be happy with and love to show off to family and friends.   Right now its a highlight of gatherings at my house, but I just see so much more potential.   Maybe that is what is wrong with my thought process.   That I'm reaching for the stars, when I don't need to be.


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got home from work and noticed I was still having polyp bailout issues. Over the past four weeks I’ve lost six heads of either hammer coral or frogspawn coral. The whole polyp was basically pulling the eject cord and dropping to the sandbed. I had checked calcium and alkalinity, even salinity, pretty much everything that you would check when you see issues happening with corals. It was baffling to me because this is something that I’ve never seen within my tank. So last night I decided to check the salinity again and noticed I had quite a spike. Somehow my salinity spiked from 1.025 to 1.030! I checked my ATO and everything was OK there. Sensor was fine, there was no issue with the pump and the reservoir was full. So I knew it wasn’t an issue of evaporation. I decided I was going to do another water change this week.

Now mind you I have made mistakes I’m human after all and over the past couple weeks I really hadn’t checked the salinity before putting the new water into the tank. I had always checked it afterwards, usually the next day or so, but I had a pretty good system in place where I knew my salinity was always where it should be, or at least I thought so. So I got the water mixed up put the salt in the bucket and let it do its thing. Now when I do a water change I’m usually only doing 2 gallons a week so that means I use half a cup of Reef Crystals each week. That means I can go through a bucket in around a year and a half, pretty efficient I would say. 1/2 cup into gallons of water usually is 1.025 or 1.026 once it’s all mixed up. I recently read that it’s a good idea to stir your bucket of salt before adding it to your water. Something about the bucket clumping and such. I read it on a forum post mentioning that it’s just a good idea to keep things mixed up so results are consistent. So a couple weeks ago I went ahead and did that. 

Anyway….. Checked the water in the bucket last night before adding it to the tank and it was 1.028! Ugh…………. Sigh………. Ugh!!!!! This is most likely my issue with polyp bailout, but with only 3 of the euphyllia in my tank. :shrug: My yellow and blue hammer are happy as can be and are showing signs of splitting into another head. Same with my purple frogspawn. The issues are with the pieces I’ve had in my tank since close to the beginning. Pieces that are well established and came from healthy colonies to begin with. My acans, favias, zoa’s and mushrooms are all showing good health and growth. Overall very baffling.  

Did the water change and salinity was still high, so over an hour I would remove a turkey baster’s worth of water, and let the ATO replace the rear chamber. After an hour I was back to a salinity I was happy with. Also had to do some fragging to remove dead skeleton on the hammers and frogspawn. Re-glued them into new spots, and left it alone. I will check parameters again tonight when I get home and see if there is any changes. Lesson learned I guess on my end. ☹

Here is a photo taken before waterchange, after fragging was complete.





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