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NUVO Fusion 10 Nano build.

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Friday evening I did a 4 gallon waterchange and things seem to be bouncing back.   Still bummed about the torch but hoping to fill that rock out soon with a couple variations.  







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Updated Livestock list in my Nano.


2 Ocellaris Clown

1 Yasha Goby

1 Cerith Snail

1 Astrea Snail

2 Blue Legged Hermits

1 Cleaner Shrimp

1 Peppermint Shrimp

1 Candy Cane Pistol Shrimp


Current Corals:

Purple Tip Hammer

Green Tip Hammer

Blue Hammer

Yellow Hammer

Green Frogspawn

Red Acan Lord

Light Blue/Red Acan Lord

Pink Zipper Paly's

Date Night Paly's

Watermelon Zoa

Yellow Brick Road Zoa

Bam Bam Zoa

Sunny D Paly

Cornbred Rainbow Infusion Paly

Utter Chaos Zoa

WWC Watermelon Zoa

Pink and Gold Paly

Yellow/Purple/Orange Zoa

Rasta Zoa

Rainbow Hornet Zoa's

Fruit Loop Zoa

Gorilla Nipple Zoa’s

Various Unnamed Zoa’s 

Blue/Green Ricordea Mushroom

Orange Ricordea Mushroom

Gold/Green Ricordea

Yellow Ricordea

Purple Rhodactus Mushroom 

Green/Purple Rhodactus Mushroom

Pink/Purple Yuma Mushroom

Superman Mushroom 

Candy Cane Coral Colony

Duncan Coral

Meteor Shower Cyphastrea

Purple Gorgs

Pink Blasto

Jack-O-Lantern Lepto

Bejewled Favia

Unnamed Yellow Favia


New top down under full kessil blue's




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