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Orphek Programming

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Scott has been more than helpful since I bought my two pendants. They have been running for a little more than 6 weeks. However, I still feel like the Programming that he suggested is still way too blue for my taste. He suggested having ch. 2 on 100. I know most of you would suggest just scaling back the blues but do I need to increase other percentages to compensate? Does anyone have suggestions based on what my current Programming is on what to change? I don't know enough about what each channel does to make changes myself comfortably and still get good coal health and growth. I have a 90 reef with two pendants. Here's my current program:


Channel 1

1100 1%

1300 50%

1900 50%

2000 0%


Channel 2

700 1%

1300 100%

2100 100%

2300 0%


Channel 3

1000 1%

1300 65%

2100 65%

2200 0%


Channel 4

1100 1%

1300 30%

1900 30%

2000 0%


I like the times for when I am home to view. I just would like to see more daylight while still seeing some fluorescence. If it's easier to just explain over the phone rather than typing suggestions, send me a PM and I will give you my cell or you can give me your number. Thanks in advance!

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Just turn down channel 2 to a percentage that you like. Then you can increase channel 1 to a slightly higher percentage. You really just need to watch your corals. They will tell you if they are happy.




Set channel 1 to peak at 60-65%

Set channel 2 to peak at 80%


Then watch corals. If they don't extend polyps or appear stressed you can shorten the cycle or decrease the channel 1 %.

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