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  2. Hey. Anyone in the Noblesville area have a fish trap. I’m am trying to catch some fish and the net just isn’t working. If you have one text me at 3176955767. thanks
  3. You asked for it you got it.... The list of Vendors at this years Frag Swap Premium Aquatics The Reef Just Pretty Corals Modern Aquatix The Zoanthid Garden Booyah Clowns MT Reefs Summit City Corals E Vill Corals Simple Saltwater Aquatics Central Indy Aquatics Dirks Aznnuttys Saltwater Connection Motor City Corals Mermaids Cove Whitlyn Aquatics Do not forget if you want to take advantage of the Fritz Salt deal please put in your request in the member Forum, and look for another deal coming soon!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Me too, tried to renew and it says I already purchased it and I am only allowed 1 \annual membership in my cart. Can not find the cart to pay for my membership. Thanks! Brian
  6. Adam and Brittany's 170 Rimless

    Adam please start a for sale thread for any livestock and dry good thread for any equipment... Hope you get sold...this is a really nice set up everyone!
  7. Last week
  8. Adam and Brittany's 170 Rimless

    Any photos of the zoas?
  9. Adam and Brittany's 170 Rimless

    I am going to drain this system soon. I have a Pencil Urchin, a Cleaner Shrimp, 2 large Leathers (1 is about 6" across) and some misc zoas. Will take any reasonable offer.
  10. Excellent meeting! I'm excited about the frag swap.
  11. I made a google sketchup of the fishroom again. Im new at sketchup but it gives me a idea of everything. I also started some of the Electrical today. Frag tank wall Sump Wall
  12. Thanking for Central Indy Aquatics for hosting this month's meeting. We had a great presentation and a great turn out!
  13. iPad Air 16 GB Gen 1

    I've been a little slow on the forum with the newborn and a recent bourbon purchasing addiction... yikes Anyone looking for an iPad? We just bought a new one so we have a Gen 1 iPad Air for sale. No issues or scratches, bought new around X-mas 2013 $130 OBO Thanks!
  14. I need to take some pics and post on reef trader
  15. Remote sump room setup

    Personally, I would return both lines to the sump, and run a separate pump, or manifold off the main pump to feed the refugium. Two reasons, the first is you will be able to tailor the flow in the refugium instead of being stuck at whatever comes through the drain. Second reason is every time I see a drain fed fuge, its full of detritus, they tend to become settling chambers.
  16. Posted some frags on reeftrader. Go check it out! http://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/73/listings
  17. Frag swap wish list

    Put some up! WYSIWYG!!!
  18. Frag swap wish list

    I'll be posting at some point soon. Still have to stop being lazy and get some pics taken of everything.
  19. Frag swap wish list

    That reminds me, I need to send you a text.
  20. Frag swap wish list

    I’ll be posting soon maybe get a few on tonight.
  21. I check the Reeftrader site daily, still no listings.... I’ve been putting together my wish list for this year, and am leaning a lot towards lps & some softies., such as: Cespitularia, welso, gorgonian, flowerpot, Fiji yellow sarco. Not a complete list, that would be longer than all my grandchildren’s Christmas lists combined! 😋
  22. Let's give a big Shout out to our two Platinum Sponsors for this year so far: Thank you to "The Reef" here in Indy and Central Aquatics out of Wisconsin for their contribution and sponsorship level of $1,000 for the 2018 Annual INDMAS Frag SWap!
  23. Extra click??

    No problem here.
  24. coral feeding

    Reef Roids twice a week with the pumps off. Spot feed all of my coral. One of those feedings I include Mysis for my Euphyllia.
  25. Remote sump room setup

    One item that caught my eye in your photo: the drain line from the 40B to the stock tank. That’s an awfully long lever arm tied directly to glass, and the pipe leads to a “working area” in the stock tank. In other words, the first time you bump the end of that drain line, you are likely to shatter the 40B. The end of that pipe just has so much leverage on where it penetrates the aquarium glass. Any reason not to make that a simple 90 degree elbow straight down into the stock tank?
  26. Amber said she’d help with the Saturday shift 11:30-2 as well. Small shirt if she needs one.
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