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  2. Well with everything out it was time to modify the sump with some baffles and an area to hold filter socks. I was working on this when all s_ _ _ broke loose. While cutting a piece of Plexiglas on the table saw it bound and kicked back, the finger lost that battle. End story is they saved the finger by inserting a 3" pin to hold finger together and fixed all the structural damage. I returned home to contemplate what to do, with less than 3 weeks until the new tank arrives I still had a lot to do. When it rains it pours
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  4. Not too bad, relieved some built up tension. Now it was time to evaluate the system and make needed repairs and modifications. Since the tanks are different sizes and the overflow's are different I would need to remove the sump and stand and start over fresh. I would also need to reconfigure the opening in the wall.
  5. When it was all said and done he we are. All in all it went pretty smooth and only a couple of small cuts that went through heavy gloves.
  6. I would try to break into large pieces that we could carry out to the truck but I also got a lot of small ones that went into Rubbermaid's
  7. Now comes the million dollar question; what do you do with a 600 gallon tank with a busted seal? Again with Jeremy's help we put some feelers out and found one guy that wanted it as is. After some texts back and forth he was going to bring his friend and pick the tank up. Needless to say when the time came he didn't show up and went silent. This did not surprise me too much and actually made it a little easier, I would have to take the sliding door out twice. I made the decision to breakup the tank and take it piece by piece to my dumpster at work. Now the real fun starts. I started in the back and had some careful fun
  8. No problem just letting everyone know
  9. Got it now. Sorry for the previous posts.
  10. Per an earlier post I am writing this post problem. I was too lazy and busy to do the re-build and post updates at the same time Well after a discussion with my better half and the boys, we decided to buy a new tank instead of converting the room back to a family room only. The idea was that the house just would not be the same without it no matter the cost. The cost of the new tank ended up being very comparable with what I wanted to do with the room (new floor, 1/2 bathroom). We decided to get the tank from Planet Aquariums. The new tank would be 120"X36"X36, we went with this size as it lowered some of the cost as this is a standard size of glass. Unfortunately the old tank was a different size so this would be a complete teardown and re-build.
  11. This sucks. That is a huge investment and I'm sorry you are going through it. 10 years is a hell of an investment and I hate to see you leave after a setback (albeit a huge setback.) Please let us all know if there is anything we can do to help.
  12. After a few days I sent an e-mail off to Glasscages to see what their take was on the split and pretty much got the response that I thought I would get. They were sorry it happened and that they would not re-seal it (tank was almost 10 years old) and gave me a quote on a replacement. The price was a good price based on what I paid before but I was expecting a little better. In the mean time Jeremy was getting some quotes on a new tank from a couple of manufacturers and he also through out there the option of re-sealing it. This option did not give me a warm fuzzy feeling and if I was going to set up another large tank it would be a new one. Any decision to be made was going to be a family one as I would need their help on this.
  13. So sorry to hear. I agree with Jeremy though. Wait two weeks before making any rash decisions.
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  15. I always bring a couple of these Small Coleman Coolers. To Keep the Corals that I Buy at the Right Temperature. But any Cooler will do.
  16. I always bring a couple of these Small Coleman Coolers. To Keep the Corals that I Buy at the Right Temperature. But any Cooler will do.
  17. I always bring a couple of these Small Coleman Coolers. To Keep the Corals that I Buy at the Right Temperature. But any Cooler will do.
  18. Brian Thanks again for hosting and the great presentation
  19. Yeah, I had to get a new one. It was the controller not the pump. But had to buy a whole new pump as this older version of the Red Dragon pumps had no way to disconnect them. The new ones now have disconnect ends on them now. Red Dragon did give me a discount because of it though.
  20. Bill, sorry to hear about this. Hopefully the tank will be repairable. It would definitely take some work, but could save a lot of money in the long run. I know it can be frustrating having it happen (had a few tanks do this to me, but not that large of a water volume). Keep us posted on what is going on.
  21. I have had a few pumps that would not turn back on after plugging them in. A good whack usually got them back up and running. If I would have seen this a lot earlier, I would have suggested bringing it to one of the meetings. Hopefully you have gotten it fixed by now.
  22. Glad you were able to make it out to the meeting. Hopefully we will see you at the next few meetings and at the frag swap coming up in March. If you have any questions or need help with anything, please ask. There are lots of people with many years in the hobby who have gone through a lot of experiences.
  23. Here is an example of one of the past winning shirts.
  24. Hello All INDMAS Members! With the frag swap secured for March 14th, 2020 and the INDMAS Staff and members working diligently on getting the flyers ready, and budgeting for yet another stellar swap...its time to get our t-shirts designed for the new 2020 year!! We always have some cool t-shirts designed in the past and are wanting to get YOU to get creative once again! If you are creative, or artistically inclined...or just have a cool picture you want on a t-shirt, why not get it designed and have our club members vote on their favorite for 2020!? The details: > Create them on Customink.com > Please select single color print. > Standardized INDMAS logo on the front (either white or black logo) http://indmas.org/main/index.php/topic/14942-2016-indmas-t-shirt-design-contest/ > We prefer you to select one of the HANES Beefy T's > Add your custom design on the back of the shirt! When you have decided that you have an awesome design, click the "Save/Send" button. In the pop up window, enter your username as the name, and [email protected] as the email recipient. ***Submissions must be entered no later than 12/31/19, at 11:59pm Then, a two week voting period will take place once they are all uploaded to this thread. We will be taking t-shirt orders on a new thread afterwards, and we only order the amount that the members speak up for as to not have unaccounted shirts left over again. THE WINNER OF THE CONTEST WILL AS ALWAYS RECEIVE A FREE CUSTOM T-SHIRT!!! It would be great to have a lot of members participate in this event and to be able to show off the shirts at the frag swap to all the new members we will have and to all the fellow reefers from around the surrounding states coming to the frag swap! If there are any questions please let us know...and thank you in advance for participating in this cool contest!
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