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  1. Yesterday
  2. Hey guys, I have gotten back into the hobby now that I have an apartment at IU. That being said I would like some advice for my 36 cube. I feel like I'm wasting tank volume with more or less a pile of rocks at the bottom that my kole tang and clownfish swim through. 3/4 of the tanks height is open water which neither of the fish really swim through. Any advice on how to make something taller so the fish will be attracted to the various heights and or different fish I can get so that the entire tank is being used? Wish I could have brought my 75!
  3. We are looking for at least 2 people to volunteer to help set up chairs at 12:30 at the library for this event.
  4. Goby showed up out of nowhere

    I had something like this happen with a Christmas wrasse. Bought it from someone and seen it for like 10 minutes and then disappeared for over 2 months. Sold the tank and started cleaning out the sand and boom, there he was swimming around. They find a good place to hide and come out very rarely.
  5. Goby showed up out of nowhere

    That's pretty cool!
  6. Goby showed up out of nowhere

    holy cow...its been eating something then! hope it wasnt steakburgers!
  7. jenn and I will be there....looking forward to it!!
  8. Goby showed up out of nowhere

    haha, love it! Nature finds a way!
  9. So I was doing my morning feeding today and a yellow goby showed up. I can't even remember buying a yellow goby, and if I did it was over 2 years ago. I'm totally beside myself. I look at this thing every day, I can't believe he was hiding this whole time.
  10. Last week
  11. Hello Indy! I'm looking forward to coming out next weekend to speak. For anyone that's looking to get some SPS frags PM me your email and I can email a list with photos with what I have. Unfortunately I was a recent victim as all other Photobucket users were and can no longer show my photobucket photos online. I'll post some pics tomorrow. Thanks in advance. Copps
  12. The Harvest Frag Fest Coral Frag Swap (Chicago, Illinois) is just 2 Weeks Away. Don't Forget to Request the Day off Work if You Work Weekends. Saturday, October 7
  13. Kaylarae724 and I will be there!
  14. It is that time again club!! Our October meeting is just around the corner on 10/14/17 and here is some information for us all to plan ahead! MrsBugmaster (Amanda) has agreed to host the October meeting at her house in Carmel. We will be voting on the new staff/BOD for the 2018 year at this meeting, so we would love to have a great attendance to show support for our nominees! In addition to this topic, we must also vote on a small by law change as well. So lets all show Amanda and our nominees a great turnout...and remember, your votes matter!! When: October 14th, 2017 from 4pm to 6pm (or a little after due to club business) Where: Amanda's house 9710 Towne Road, Carmel 46032 Education Topic: Quarantine procedures - Why, How To's, and Benefits of QT Raffle: 10g QT starter kit....additional miscellaneous raffles TBD *** We will have the club microscope available to use at this event! Do you have a piece of macro algae, crustacean, or other item you would like to look at under a microscope? Want something ID'd or wanna look at the cell structure of a plant? Now is the time...the club has slides available for this event. We will also have new Salifert test kits, and Hanna alk and ULR phosphate checkers at the meeting for you to test your water perams! This is a new benefit of being a member in INDMAS which is a really great resource. New rules for recent club purchased items will be posted soon. Please RSVP here folks! We would love to see you all at this important meeting! There will be some great information for you to all take home with you and we hope you are all amped up for this meeting after seeing the Jon Coppolino event coming up on 9/30 at 1:30pm!!!
  15. Hi Troy, Thanks for responding. I have been slammed work wise. What is your schedule normally like? Thanks, Don
  16. Earlier
  17. What Lights are you using?

    4 of the basic SB Reef lights over a standard 180.
  18. Thank you to all of you for checking your schedules to see about hosting October's meeting. Amanda (MrsBugmaster) has agreed to host the October meeting at her lovely home in Carmel! For those of you who have not seen her tanks...she has a 180g FOWLR, and a 34g Red Sea Reefer Series reef tank. The microscope will be available if anyone has anything they will want anything identified as well as test kits if anyone want to test their water. We will make a new post for the meeting change shortly. Thanks again Amanda and those who considered hosting!
  19. With more people wanting to use natural filtration for their tanks, we are going to look at the two main types of units that you can put on your system: Chaeto reactors (or "algae reactors") and algae turf scrubbers (ATS). We won’t be looking at refugiums however, since those have mostly a different purpose. This will be a multi-part post; the next post will start with the basics, so if you’d like anything in particular to be covered, let us know.
  20. 13.5g Fluval Evo

    Been a bit since I posted. Tank is doing great. Just recently redid the tank and arranged everything around. I have added a kryptonite mushroom and a longfin snowflake clown (Thank you Premium Aquatics!). I have gotten my other snowflake to bond finally. Will post a few pictures of the tank.
  21. The Harvest Frag Fest Coral Frag Swap (Chicago, Illinois) is just 3 Weeks Away. Don't Forget to Request the Day off Work if You Work Weekends. Saturday, October 7
  22. Pats Yardsale

    items for sale
  23. Guess what... I am working. I really wish I could be there. Weekends are the worst for me. Hope you all have fun.
  24. I had a great time while attending MACNA 2017 in New Orleans. Drank plenty of beer, got to know some club members better, and it renewed some of my gusto to improve my tank. Since being home I have been spending much more time playing with the tank and re-planning a few things. With that being said its time to start planning for next year. I know a few of us have already paid for, and plan on going. This year MACNA will be going on in Las Vegas. I hope some of you will be going, and for those of you on the edge of going its a nice vacation from work and home. I figured I will start a forum for the members that plan on going next year.
  25. What Lights are you using?

    Radion Gen4 Pros with supplemental T5 bulbs. Just switched a few months ago from orphek V2s just due to the fact I needed more lights and couldn't find 2 more of the older versions. I have been happy with the Radions this time. Good Spread of light and have been growing the corals well. Wife even noticed the difference and she usually doesn't pay attention to the tank
  26. Dont forget about to RSVP on our INDMAS calendar as well everyone!
  27. great to hear Troy!! This event is coming up right around the corner! Who else is excited to go to his event and has scheduled time to make it? We will have some items from MASNA to hand out to attendees as well!
  28. Congrats on the house guys! Thanks for the update...the meet is the 14th so we will hope for a meeting at your new home in 2018! So the hosting position is still open then club! We do have an interested party who has hosted previously if no-one else can accommodate. Let's cap this off on 9/17 folks so we can begin preparing for October's meeting. Thanks to all for considering hosting next month's meeting!
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