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  3. Indeed...thank you to any and all that served! Appreciation is an understatement
  4. Thanks Luis for hosting! Thanks to LRS for taking the time to talk to us, and a big thanks to Daniel for setting it all up.
  5. Also, a post from Larry on his FB page. If you aren’t following him it’s a fun read.
  6. Hope everyone made it home safe and that the fish are loving the new foods. Below are a couple articles that Tami Weiss (who Skyped with us about seahorses a couple years ago) wrote about food and staying frozen. Her site is not up anymore so it’s from the archive but should work. https://web.archive.org/web/20160909225950/http://fusedjaw.com/food-and-nutrition/frozen-mysis-part-1-the-quest-for-quality-mysis/ https://web.archive.org/web/20161113044512/http://fusedjaw.com/food-and-nutrition/frozen-mysis-part-2-the-science-behind-the-food/
  7. Make sure you all bring coolers for maybe winning LRS foods!! I just got the dry ice to get it all home frozen which you will learn why that is important shortly. 😁
  8. Marcia and I will be there! Looking "forward" to it! Luis has a great tank set up, so if you have not seen it before you are really missing out! Even if you have seen it, I am sure there will be new additions worth checking out. i will be rummaging through all of my tank build items to see what I am ready to get rid of.
  9. Do you guys think a tomini and a black tang would get along in a 180? My thinking is that way most kinds of algae will be covered.
  10. Thanks for all the replies. Tank is getting pretty full so a small group of tomini's probably will not work, only a single. I do like the more rarer fish so maybe I will go with the black tang,which is one reason why I was thinking of it. Do these two both eat the same kinds of algae? Does one eat more different kinds of algae than the other? I need something that is a good algae eater and not too aggressive. Don't won't it hurt my butterflies but also stand up to my interruptus who is a real butt head and more on the aggressive side.
  11. I’ve heard convict tangs are easily in the top 5.
  12. Who else is coming? Great door prizes...great speaker...and some great pay it forward equipment. This can not be successful without a great attendance as well. Check your schedules, and call your in laws and tell them you had a flat tire...and then drive to Lebanon for Luis's and his wife's awesome ham sandwiches and rock nems!!!!!
  13. There is also a big price difference between a tomini and a black tang. A small school of tomini to the cost of 1 black tang
  14. Agreed, the Bristletooth family seems to be the best algae grazers. I found my Kole really goes after the live rock.
  15. Bristletooth tangs in general are pretty good at algae control and are constantly grazing. Tomini, kole, squaretail are all good choices. I can not speak about the black tang personally but zebrasoma in general are good grazers as well.
  16. Thinking of adding a tang for algae control. I have narrowed it down to a Tomini or a Black Tang. Does anyone have any experience with either or know which would be a better algae eater?
  17. I have thought of that, but the pricing and availability of some of what I would keep is something that keeps me away from going that route. I figure, if I walk away, then its for good. Still bouncing around ideas to keep my interest alive.
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  19. What about changing it to an all NPS tank? Maybe do some spider sponges, dendro, and a flame scallop
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