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  2. DIY ATO?

    I 😍 that your keyboard autocorrect against DIY
  3. DIY ATO?

    B/c I've had my aqualifter fail / a tube come off, and not have the proper consideration for failsafe... I would like to remind everyone: NOTE: this project deals with electricity in sufficient quantities to damage equipment, harm livestock, cause fires, and even KILL YOU. I am going to be as clear and concise as possible, but if you are at all unsure about what is shown here or you are not 100% confident in your ability to work with electricity, DO NOT attempt anything here. This is no joke. 🤦
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  5. DIY ATO?

    This is what I have made for my tank. Fun doy project
  6. DIY ATO?

    Check out this thread. I've made two of these DIY auto topoffs and they were about $10 in materials and then just added the aqualifter pump. Pretty easy build as well. works great and saved about $100. http://www.reefsanctuary.com/forum/index.php?threads/chipmunks-diy-ato-guide-step-by-step.64681/
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  8. The West Michigan Frag Swap (Grand Rapids, Michigan) is just 2 Weeks Away !!!!!!!! Don't Forget to Request the Day Off if you Work Weekends Sunday, May 6
  9. The Sterling Heights Frag Swap (Sterling Heights, Michigan) is just 1 Week Away !!!!!!!! Invite all of Your Reefing Friends Sunday, April 29
  10. The Starved Rock Saltwater Expo & Frag Swap (Utica, Illinois) is just 4 Weeks Away !!!!!!!! Don't Forget to Take the Day Off if you Work Weekends Saturday, May 19
  11. Calling All Woodworkers!

    This sounds like an idea! But what are "cleats"? Got a link for them?
  12. Calling All Woodworkers!

    Use construction adhesive and mount some cleats and a plywood base. FYI IT WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER COME APART AGAIN....
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  14. DIY ATO?

    For only ten bux I bet this would keep something topped off... just not accurately enough to maintain salinity, right? https://photos.app.goo.gl/K6z0RDKQjy5vxLxI3 What else could you see getting in the way of pulling this off successfully as a DIY? Tee-hee, the brand is "Dare-o-matic"... anyone Dare me to try it?
  15. Crab belly

    Great pic from a crazy angle! <3
  16. Eric's 60 cube

    So the tank is completely full and operational. Yesterday I got my salinity dialed in to 1.026 and temperature to around 78. After this I Dosed Dr Tim's Ammonium chloride till the ammonia read out at 2ppm. I then added the Bacteria and started the cycle. Also I will post more pictures after school today.
  17. My 20 long reef

  18. Calling All Woodworkers!

    I think for best structural integrity, it may be hard not to drill through the sides to secure reinforcements to th bottom. You could always add a very simple pi CME of base mould around the bottom to hide any screws.
  19. Calling All Woodworkers!

    How do I add a new base without drilling through the outside of the cabinet? There is no damage on the outside of the cabinet. I don't want screws showing to not change the look of the outside of it.
  20. Calling All Woodworkers!

    I agree with Ryan. You could also reinforce the bottom by adding a few 2x4's cut to size. Using a drill bit, you can drill some new pilot holes to add new casters. Harbor freight has a few different kinds and makes for a cheaper project.
  21. Photo hosting sites

    looks like im using IMGGG now...thanks for the recomendations (and to the original poster)
  22. Calling All Woodworkers!

    I would put a piece of plywood (or similar) on the bottom to give you a solid, stable, and flush mounting area. That will distribute the weight and help to keep the cabinet from having too much stress on the joints. Those particle board cabinets can hold up to a lot, but placing castors on it the way it sits could be a big gamble.
  23. Fish Room Build for my 475 Gallon Reef

    When Did my plumbing @PetesFolly, I got my colored pvc from Bulk Reef Supply. Here is a link https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/pumps-plumbing/plumbing/pipe-tubing.html
  24. I am trying to put all my electrical in a file cabinet beside my 34 gal reef tank. Below is a picture of it. It is an wooded one that I already have so it is not in new condition. I am wanting to add heavy duty casters to the bottom so it can be easily rolled out from the wall when needed. You can see it use to have those screw in type legs that have broken out and caused some damage to the sides. I was thinking of adding the casters to the unfinished support boards that are 2 1/4 inches in from the bottom. These are not meant to hold the full weight of the cabinet so if I add casters to these will it hold up under the weight? Do I need to add more support in some way to these? What would I use? "L" brackets, or add another board. What is the best way to accomplish what I am trying to do? Appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.
  25. Photo hosting sites

    IMGBB over here as well.
  26. The West Michigan Frag Swap (Grand Rapids, Michigan) is just 3 Weeks Away !!!!!!!! Don't Forget to Request the Day Off if you Work Weekends Sunday, May 6
  27. The Sterling Heights Frag Swap (Sterling Heights, Michigan) is just 2 Weeks Away !!!!!!!! Don't Forget to Request the Day Off if you Work Weekends Sunday, April 29
  28. Which Heater Should I Use?

    Finnex titanium is the only one I've never had an issue with. Previously I liked the Neotherm but after having one melt and burn under water I'm over them. That smell took days to completely leave the house and about 40g of water and 2lbs of carbon later I had stress inhabitants for weeks.
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