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  2. Koi Tangs (Aberrant scopas)

    Having owned a gem tang, they are quite an amazing fish to see in person. I like the looks of this tang, maybe a new addition to the future 150 build I have coming up.
  3. Koi Tangs (Aberrant scopas)

    Koi tangs are often aberrant yellow tangs. There are also yellow scopas tangs. The only zebrasomas I haven’t seen an aberrant form every once in awhile have been purple and gem. ;). Neat fish though!
  4. Great News and Not so Great!

    Congrats on the baby, friend!
  5. Last week
  6. It is that time of year again, where the baseball games and outdoor activities come to a halt...and we begin to plan our holidays out with our families and friends. Well don't forget to schedule in one of the most fun INDMAS events of the year! Set your reminders and alerts...as it is time to meet at Bill's house to gawk at his 12 foot long In Wall Reef tank and talk reef for a few hours to wrap up this great year for the club. We hope to see you all at the year end INDMAS Holiday Party. Check out the events and details below!! When: Saturday, 12/09/2017, 4pm - 6pm Where: TYRYFIN (Bill F's house) Northwest Side of Indy - Actual Address posted on December 1st Topic of discussion: Whatever we want! It is the holidays and this meeting is reserved for getting to know each other and building friendships. Bring water sample of your tank to test with the INDMAS provided test kits! What to know: This is a pitch in meeting. The club will provide main dish like subs or sandwiches, but sides and desserts are VERY welcome. We ask for one dish per family attending. Also, there will be a gift exchange. Bring a gift and you will get a gift in return! In the past we have done a white elephant style exchange and will continue the tradition again at Bill's. This is a fun game and hope we some some thoughtful reefing gifts this year! Please keep gifts to a $25 maximum amount. Remember, this is an aquarium club, so the saltier, the better. Please sign up here, https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhVFLn9QoZXaf-GTU82lrbyrUqRtICPgSw96-pFs7VN9B7hw/viewform?usp=send_form, for the pitch in and gift exchange. And don't forget to respond to this thread as well so we know how many people are going to make it! Raffle items: TBD - INDMAS always has some great raffles at these fun events! Stay tuned...
  7. So if you haven't been to the ladies frag swap, here is definitely something worth going for. We have been twice now and both times have purchased these hand painted tile pieces. We are planning to put these on a wall in the lower half of our house where all the tanks are. Future pictures to come.....or it may have to wait until next year's meeting at our place.
  8. Great News and Not so Great!

    Keeping the tank and equipment will make it easy to start up again. And I get not wanting to move from a lake. I don't think I would get anything else done if I lived on a lake.
  9. Great News and Not so Great!

    Thanks Bud, it may be a while this time. I am going to keep the tank which will make the next build easier.
  10. Great News and Not so Great!

    Thanks Kent, that is a worry so hopefully we can stay on the outskirts, not sure if that will help. The west side is the alternative but Rockville road sucks!
  11. Great News and Not so Great!

    Bummer on the tank tear down. Congrats on the baby. Looking forward to your next build thread when you get settled back in a new place
  12. Great News and Not so Great!

    Congratulations on the new addition to your family. Look at a new tank build at as an opportunity to improve on your present system. A fresh start. A word of caution about Plainfield. I don’t know where you live now, but if you move to the Plainfield area be aware that the Indianapolis airport is in your back yard. Due to family obligations we moved to Plainfield from Noblesville three years ago. We are next to Hummel park and the jet noise drives us nuts some days. Fed Ex jets (fully Loaded and at full throttle on take off to reach altitude) start their day at 4:00 AM. The bright side is....... you’ll never complain about your skimmer being loud again. And a +1 on the name KENT!!!
  13. 2018 Meeting Locations

    We will be more than glad to host the October meeting
  14. Good Morning, 

    I am looking for some Zoa's for cheap. Anyone have some for cheap?

  15. Great News and Not so Great!

    Well, I'm not totally sure, may stick around in the current neighbourhood, or we may move up in the plainfield or avon area. It would be nice to have a faster commute to work.....but it's tough to move off the lake! it'll be tough convincing Wifey on naming the girl Kent.
  16. Great News and Not so Great!

    Thanks! Yea if I were to do it again I'd make a few changes, different rock structures as currently I'm out of room.
  17. Great News and Not so Great!

    Thanks Brandon, this frag has crazy growth! I hope to have the chance to start another build thread one day.
  18. Great News and Not so Great!

    Congrats! I'm sure you will be just fine
  19. Great News and Not so Great!

    Thanks Amanda! It's going to be an interesting year! I'm going to miss having a tank for a while.
  20. Koi Tangs (Aberrant scopas)

    Nice find! I was expecting something more koi-like, but I think that's a better look for them. -Kamran
  21. Great News and Not so Great!

    Good to hear about your child! The tank breakdown is kind of a bummer, but eh, I'm sure it was fun while it lasted. Best of luck finding homes for all your species! -Kamran
  22. 2018 Meeting Locations

    Reefaddict12 and CoralBeauty28 we will do August again!. We wanted the retro but Bud beat us to it!!!
  23. 2018 Meeting Locations

    I’ll take November
  24. 2018 Meeting Locations

    I can do either January of February
  25. Great News and Not so Great!

    Any idea where you are moving to? When you are wanting to start selling let me know and if you are looking for a name I have always liked the name KENT 😁
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