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  2. Awesome! Went with a diffuser too? I have always liked these tanks. If I ever go to a tank with a sump this would be my choice. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.
  3. I recently received a Hanna Alk checker as a gift. Figuring alk was not as consistent as I would prefer in my little tank. When I ran it for the first time I was shocked to see my alk was at 7.4. First year it stayed pretty steady around 8.5 - 8.4. I then thought the MG would be the culprit for being low Well I spent 2.5 hours with the tank this morning. Running multiple tests, btw i need to get a mg and ca Hanna checker cause these drop tests suck. The Hanna checkers are so easy to use! Anyway tested the tank before a waterchange, new mixed saltwater, and after the waterchange. Also did a big cleaning of the pump, return line, and rear chambers. Flow is turned up to max on the Sicce 0.5 pump with the stock return nozzle. Getting tons of flow now too! May need to turn down the flow a bit, but we will see. So here are my results: 8-18-19 Pre-Waterchange Tank MG 1410 ALK 7.3 CA 470 TEMP 78.4 SALINITY 1.026 Mixed Saltwater before Waterchange MG 1470 ALK 9.5 CA 490 TEMP 78.6 SALINITY 1.026 Tank after waterchange MG 1440 ALK 8.2 CA 480 TEMP 78.4 SALINITY 1.026 It looks like my MG and Calcium are pretty steady but the Alk is dropping a bit more than I would prefer. I’m thinking either multiple changes weekly or dosing. Not sure I want to go the dosing route just for Alk but open to suggestions. I think WC’s might be best for this tank.
  4. Lately I’ve been reading a lot about them. Great wide flow, and powerful in a small package. The only thing I’ve read where there are issues are with fish/snails/nems being sucked through the back of the pump. There are some out there creating guards on their 3D printer to alleviate these issues. If I ever get to lagoon territory I will be grabbing one of these pumps.
  5. I will check this valve guide! I made progress and set the tank on the stand finally. I immediately ran into my first issue, The Light bracket, would not allow me to use the factory cover, because it was to big. So I had to cut out a small portion using a multi-tool, then clean the edges up with a razor blade. Perfect fit.
  6. Thinking of going with a couple of the AI Nero5's for my 120 build. Anyone using these or have an opinion on them?
  7. My 2 cents, you might want to move it away from the wall a bit farther. I had my 20 set like that and had trouble getting behind it. After a few years when we needed to paint I actually had to break down and move it to paint the wall behind. I relocated it to a different location that I liked better so not a big deal and fortunately it was only a 20.
  8. Last week
  9. I have this tank and one problem with it is the overflow valve. It sucks. It is very hard to get it dialed in and to stay that way. It works fine for a week or two then needs readjusted again and again! Do yourself a favor and watch this video on how to change out the red sea valve to a gate vale. Wish I would of saw this before I set mine up cause it is harder to do after wards. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4NHqmnzLL8#action=share
  10. So the tank has arrived, after weighing the costs, I think LPS will be the way to go. This will allow me to use my existing light, and use a single power-head instead of multiple.
  11. Came across this tonight also. Pretty cool poster for any other zoa lovers
  12. New additions during water change today. Some are irritated by the wc. Grow babies grow!
  13. So over the past month I’ve lost a few frags of zoas/palys and in the process of loosing more. I have no idea what’s going on and it’s frustrating the hell out of me. I do not see any bite marks or any thing on them when lights go out. Just this brown algae/fungus looking stuff. Should I peroxide dip? Something else? I don’t want to loose my rainbow hornets or fruit loops so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I use the APC battery back up and surge protector Have 3 of them running and only have critical components on battery backup Goal is to keep things stable for 3 hours and after that if I need to start generator I do
  15. I 100% agree with you. UPS’s are nice in theory, but the limited time they’ll actually provide doesn’t do much long term. That’s why I ended up getting the generator instead. The unfortunate part is that surge protectors are really only as good as the price you’re willing to pay for them. If there is a surge large enough to zap the surge protector, it will most likely make it through to your electronics as well. I have a Monster Cable brand surge protector for my tv/surround sound that has been through multiple electric surges and outages, so that’s really the only one I recommend. But it was around the $300 range if I remember correctly, so isn’t a cheap piece of equipment. They guarantee up to a certain amount for your electronics if they get fried, but they won’t warranty aquarium products because of the close proximity to water. I still swear by them though.
  16. I did some more research and maybe I would be better off with just a good surge protector for now and a generator later. A UPS would give me only about and hour of power and I already have a battery back up for my powerhead. I want to protect my controllers and other tank electronics from getting fried from a power surge. Royal Exclusiv thinks that is what happened to my Red Dragon 3 return pump.(although I have my doubts about that) Pump is fine but controller is dead. But now I have to buy a whole new pump because the controller wires can not be disconnect from the rest of the pump which prevents me from getting a new controller only. This model has also been discontinued. (The new model has disconnect type wires, which is good) A surge protector would at least give me that protection. Opinions and advice on surge protector vs UPS battery back up with surge protection?
  17. I used to use these (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003Y24DEU/?tag=aboutcom02lifewire-20&ascsubtag=4142625|ne14249e09e0a4e18bac799e8d98d7d9519) until I got a small generator. I had one on my 75 that would run the return, wave maker, and heater for appx an hour. Now I use a smaller UPS and rely on my generator if we lose electricity for longer periods.
  18. Anyone using a UPS Battery Back Up with Surge Protector? Is so what brand and size?
  19. If you have Never Been to a Coral Show Before Check out this Video from a previous swap to get an idea of all the fun that you will have. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nanVWZhUuzw Vendors from around the country come to sell coral (much of which are the amazing brightly colored corals that you see online). It is also a great way to meet old friends and make new friends that are in the hobby. You will find the hottest Zoanthids, Acros, Acans, Chalices, Mushrooms, etc. all at great prices!
  20. I'm looking to purchase the Red Sea Reefer 250. Does anyone know if Premium has any promo codes I could use? Thanks!
  21. Great looking nano Niki! Love the exposed mangrove too. Was trying to load more pictures but those of you who didnt make it missed out! Art by Niki, street wrestlers, smoked bbq pulled pork nachos, the future of Gosports very own public aquarium, and a bedroom in a bank vault! Thanks for hosting Brian and Niki...very excited to see what is next. Make sure to make it to the Pay it Forward! Very very cool house and little town.
  22. I like it. The controllability is awesome and hoping for good things. Corals so far seem to like it too!
  23. And a neat pic I snapped last night of some utter chaos growing among a forest of cloves. Ignore the dead stylo I have plans for it later with some cyphastrea 😅
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