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  2. Are YOU Ready for MACNA 2017? ATM Aquarium Products sure is! Get your tickets here: Hosted August 25-27 by Bayou Reefkeeping in the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.
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  4. Thanks Luke. I am planning to add more chaeto to the sump on the 60g to hopefully offset the photosynthesis process at night and hope it will stabilize it a little better. As for tank #2, I am wanting to get the dKH to about 9. A few more frequent water changes to help that maybe?
  5. Alright, good to see some RSVP's! Keep'em coming! Also, For the one's who have seen my tank in the past or were at last years meeting, I will confess that I had to sell off several of my pieces to fund my new build. Since I saw that I was not going to be able get my new tank up and running I haven't been pushing to sell off the rest of my stuff. This way we can at least have a running system to look at. I do appreciate the great comments I have gotten in the past.
  6. Bummer, I'll be out of town. That will be a great event!
  7. There is nothing wrong with your pH, its the least thing to worry about. Its more harmful to keep trying to raise it and having it bounce all around. Your corals will adjust to the ups and downs through the day and night that are natural ups and downs. Not so much the adding this or using a co2 scrubber here and there...etc. Just let your tank do its thing with pH. Tank 1 I would raise your sg to .025-.026 and get your phos down to below .1 Tank 2 I would get your alk down to 9 (or lower) and pull your sg up to .025-.026. With phos that low your corals may not do well with an alk that high. If you want to run high alk generally you need a dirtier tank.
  8. It apparently does not like excel formatting. 60 cube PH (8.1 - 8.5) - 7.93 (Day 1PM) 7.7 (night 10 PM) Nitrite (0) - 0 Ammonia (0) - 0 Nitrate (0 - 10) - 5 Carbonate Hardness (DKH 7-11 aim for 9) - 9 Calcium (440-480) - 480 Phospahte (0) - 0.25 Salinity (1.020 - 1.024) - 1.022 14g fluval PH (8.1 - 8.5) - 8.0 (Day 1 PM) 7.8 (night 10 PM) Nitrite (0) - 0 Ammonia (0) - 0 Nitrate (0 - 10) - 10 Carbonate Hardness (DKH 7-11 aim for 9) - 11 Calcium (440-480) - 460 Phospahte (0) - 0 Salinity (1.020 - 1.024) - 1.023
  9. Not sure if it is just my phone but I can't see but two columns of the chart?
  10. I will be there
  11. I have been fighting with the PH level in a few of my tanks for the past month. I have been dosing aqua vitro balance to bump the PH back to where I would like it to be. Below are the tanks and the levels. I am trying to avoid using anything to raise the dKH. Everything in the aquariums seem to be happy and everything is growing and eating well. Any input on what I can do to get the PH to maintain between 8.0-8.5? 60 cube 14g fluval PH (8.1 - 8.5) 7.93 (Day 1PM) 7.7 (night 10 PM) 8.0 (Day 1 PM) 7.8 (night 10 PM) Nitrite (0) 0 0 Ammonia (0) 0 0 Nitrate (0 - 10) 5 10 Carbonate Hardness (DKH 7-11 aim for 9) 9 11 Calcium (440-480) 480 460 Phosphate (0) 0.25 0 Salinity (1.020 - 1.024) 1.022 1.023
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  13. I'll be there! I think I promised you I'd come when I gave you the par meter.
  14. I am planning to attend
  15. Wow is no one going to come lol come on peeps let us know if you are coming!!!! Thanks!
  16. Jenn and I are in...this is going to be awesome!
  17. I'll take 2 seats. I don't wanna miss this one. Ross
  18. INDMAS is excited to announce John Coppolino, better known as "Copps", speaking event! You don't want to miss this one!! Seating is limited so to reserve your seat please rsvp in this thread. This event is free and open to the public.
  19. When: August 12, 4-6pm Where: Alan and Scarlet's house (Reefaddict12 and Corlabeauty28) 10708 Inspiration Dr. Indianapolis IN. 46259,+Indianapolis,+IN+46259/@39.6485355,-85.9788505,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x886b4123e3be73b3:0xff70c0b9b4aeb4fc!8m2!3d39.6485314!4d-85.9766618 Alan has a 75gal mixed reef that (if you believe it) is run on water changes only. This thing is a beast of a tank and one of the nicest tanks I've seen in person. It's appx 3 1/2 years old and I'm not going to lie, I'm jealous. Scarlet has recently upgrade her 10gal nano to a 65 gal WIP. It sits on a custom made (by Alan, of course!) stand, made from recycled pallets. Again I'm jealous being a wood worker hobbyist too. These are tanks that any newby has to see and any seasoned reefer will definitely appreciate. What: Tank setup planning, in tank flow (Alan is planning a 150gal upgrade and will go over some points in his planning. I will go over flow in a reef tank) Raffle prizes: TBD Let us know if you will make it this one!!
  20. It's 4 years old now, it went through a good period of neglect before and after we moved a year ago but it is pretty much back on track at this point. Just trying to figure out this last issue.
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  22. To me it sounds like your borderline but more than likely safe from the calcification issue. I really don't think PH being that low is going to cause any issues as long as your consistent in your figures. Like I said, the C02 media gets very costly which I would avoid, that and your ph really fluctuates a lot which imo causes even more of an issue than just a bit low. How old is this tank?
  23. If you have space in your sump, there is a hang on fuge that you can put in your sump. It holds the chaeto in a confined space and allows water to pass through. I use one in my sump and it helps keeping things organized and also allows pods to grow in a safe spot.
  24. I would not do a hob fuge. I had one once. It would overflow every once in awhile and did not do a lot.
  25. I'm not getting any calcium precipitation, haven't seen anything like that at all. I didn't think of a bad test kit for 2 reasons: the readings are dead on for the buckets of new saltwater, and the test seems to backup the changes claimed on BRS Mg calculator with their Mg mix. Here's another funny thing since the original post, I started dosing again following that calculator starting Sunday and found just a few minutes ago that my Superman Monti frag has popped out a few polyps. I thought it was a dead skeleton. I have no idea if the dosing is the cause or if it's just a coincidence. I don't have a fuge, it's an all in one tank that doesn't plumb out. I'd love to have one, maybe I can place a small fuge above it and use one of the return lines in the back chamber to go up there and then have it drain back to the tank with an overflow. I've read that hang on back fuges are too small to be effective, what do you think? That's the thing I've read about CO2 scrubbers, constant media changing. I'd like to avoid that. I did just recently calibrate the pH probe on my Apex and it's been consistently around 7.7 during the day reaching as high as 7.8 just before lights out and 7.58 just before they come on in the morning. I did find that it went up when I ran a line out my window but my wife didn't like that. Do you think I should calibrate again just to be safe?
  26. From the album Rjt1978

  27. C02 scrubbers are the latest way to get people to dump a lot of money consistently. The media lasts about a day and then you need to buy more, totally not something you can keep buying over and over and over. Are you positive its getting below 7.6? If its getting below 7.6 your coral will not be able to build skeletons and it will start to break down your sand, rock....etc anything calcium based. Its like your turning everything into a calc reactor. I would open some windows for a bit or add the chaeto like mentioned above and run the light 24/7.
  28. So I recently moved into a new office, and well I have copious amounts of desk space. So what does an addicted reef keeper do? Yep that’s right, he sets up another tank, and another build thread. I picked up the used tank and some black sand from a local reefer a couple weeks back. The plan is to keep this tank a soft coral tank. My biggest issue right now is the placement of the tank. Below are two photos of where it could sit in my office. I’d love to be able to see it daily, and give my co-workers something to look at as well. However it will be sitting right next to a south facing window. The other spot would be over my left shoulder. I’d have to turn around to admire the tank, but would possibly be better in terms of temperature issues. Anyway I’d love to hear your thoughts. Convince me of one spot over the other. As for the tank specs: IM NUVO 10 IM Filter Sock IM 18 Watt Skkye Light Stock Pump Eheim 50 Watt Heater 8-10 LBS of BRS Reef Ssaver Dry Rock 3-4 Lbs of Black sand mixed with 3-4 lbs of Caribsea Bimini Pink sand. Livestock: Xenia Toadstool Devils Hand Leather Green Star Polyps Various Zoa’s Various Mushrooms Purple Gorgonian Fiji Yellow Blue Plating Sponge (Eventually) Green Clown Goby Midas Blenny
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