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  • Everyone get ready to go back to the days before LED's and that blurry eyed blue tint, it's time for the INDMAS 4th Annual Members Only 2018 RETRO Frag Swap! So get out your bags, bottles, or deli cups and get ready to have a great time swapping corals and getting to know your fellow club members.     This months meeting is only open to current club members (and immediate family as guests) so if you have been on the fence about joining you will want to sign up ASAP!!   

    When:    September 8th 4:00-6:00 PM

    Where:   Budman's House (Avon, IN)

    What to bring:  Frags (and limited drygoods) to sell or trade

    What NOT to bring:  LED Fixtures, frag tanks, heaters, & etc to setup a booth/spot

    ReefTrader has been setup for this swap to help facilitate trading and be found at the link below:



  • How much money have you spent on your aquarium over the last twelve months?
    At only $21 per year, a membership to INDMAS is a great way to improve your aquarium, help others, and save money through trading livestock, equipment and DIY ideas. INDMAS membership allows access to premium forums on this website, including the buy/sell forums, educational articles, dry good reviews, and a photo gallery where you can store your own tank pictures. Members are also eligible to participate in the raffle at our monthly meetings and receive free admission to the best annual frag swap in the midwest. Members can run as candidates for the board of directors and have a vote in the club's annual elections.
    Annual membership is only $21. If you have already signed up as a FREE member on our forums Click  HERE  If you do NOT have a login to the forums yet, please click CREATE ACCOUNT on the top right of your screen.
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